What kind of readers do you dislike

I often see what do you dislike in a story post. and often I read them because I like to know people’s opinions so that I can improve my own story. but it is often discouraging to read, especially when people complain about things you do. which often aren’t wrong things but just personal opinions of what you wanna do in a story.

and I thought let’s have a turnaround because readers can use feedback to on being better readers. and less annoying.

authors spend hours, day weeks months on a chapter. and get barely anything in return. appreciate the hard work they put into it. the endless stories you as a reader have the option to read.

though I do like to remind you about one thing before starting.
readers are not forced to read your story. if they dislike it, they should move on and read something else. it doesn’t matter the reason why, if it’s lag of CC. the way you write. no choices. its the reader’s choice what they wanna read. as long as the reader just leave and don’t complain its not a problem.

Here is a few of my own of reader comments I dislike.

1: the once asking when is next chapter. the day after I just release one. calm down people, and give me time to write. I understand you want the next chapter. but give me some time.

2: I don’t want choices that matter they give me anxiety. I am sorry its to hard for you to make a decision. I spend five hours coding that choice. and ten more for its effect in future chapters. I put so much work into a story where choices matter,

I also like to note I have been diagnosed with anxiety so I understand. but their still annoying.

3: CC complains, If you want CC go read something else. if a story don’t have CC leave go. don’t message the author asking for it. I don’t care how nice you ask, you are annoying.

as an author you realise you can’t make everyone happy. one wants choices to matter. another won’t. one wants CC the other wants art scenes and body overlays. someone is always gonna complain about what we write.

which is why it’s important that it is the reader who doesn’t like a story, to leave that story. and not complain. find something else you like. instead of discouraging the author from writing.

readers are entitle to read what they want, but not to tell the author how to write their story.


Readers that are really entitled or bratty and get annoyed over anything that you disagree with as the author.
I particularly get annoyed when I see readers say things like they don’t know why it takes so long for authors to update despite work, family etc.


You are right lol.

Even though… I never got any type of complain regarding the choices, CC and all…

but do get that one question “When will be the next ch. out?”
LOL, It takes lot’s of time to code and write one!!

And when I miss my update schedule they will remind me that “It was supposed to be out”

Dude, It’s my story, I know better than you do!
If I miss an update that mean that I couldn’t able to finish it on time because I have a life outside of episode as well.

I know you like to read the story and excited to know what happens next…

and I love you for that… but just don’t force me to have a guilt trip! :neutral_face:

That’s the only thing I do dislike from a reader. tbh!


reason why I dont have a schedule , no way I can follow it.

  1. People who tell you how the story should actually be written
  2. People who think they know the characters better than you as the author and tell You how they should behave
  3. People who insult you randomly and accuse you being something that you aren’t
  4. People who are just demanding and not asking nicely

There’s a lot more but these are my highlights :slight_smile:


Readers that get mad at you for killing off a certain character and sending you hate comments and literal death threats on Instagram. Like come on, is that really necessary?


I get “can you put out more than one episode at a time (currently writing two stories :roll_eyes:) “. Oh this is a good one my first story starts from college in the first scene but then I take you all the way back to when she was in high school , then college , then adulthood. Now I can’t speak for everyone but you bound to have more than one love interest :woman_facepalming:t4: They never last to long but it’s needed for the story ,she does have her epic love she meets in college (I’m just being realistic, hate me if you feel lol) but some people really ask me to stop having more than one love interest and I’m just like this isn’t a romance story :joy: so if that’s what your looking for then you got the wrong story


My experience as an author hasn’t been so bad --other than being told that “you authors love excluding people of color. we read too” --like, sweetie, did you read the story? It’s literally all POCs except a handful of bg characters and only two have lines so… okay…

But I have seen many authors who get insulting and often belittling remarks and that’s definitely not okay.
So I agree:
1: If a story is not to your liking, exit the story and find another one.
2: Death threats of any kind are not okay.
3: Writers have lives that are honestly more important than writing a story for this app.

And for writers:
1: You will NEVER please everyone. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, there are always people out there looking to make someone else feel bad.
2: Write for YOURSELF. I know its hard, we all want people to read our story/ies but when you start internalizing these rude fanmails and demands, it can definitely be disheartening and hurtful.
3: Let it roll off your back when you get rude things and report any that are threatening.
4: You are a creative person who has a story to tell, don’t let anyone take that from you.


The type of readers that annoy me the most [in no particular order]:

• “When will you release the next chapter?!” Literally an hour or a day after I’ve just updated. That is so unappreciative and disrespectful! One particular reader does this in 4 or 5 separate fanmails, after every single update!

• “When will you release the full story?!” Yeah, because I totally have it all written up and coded, prior! :woman_facepalming:t3: This makes me so angry, because I release episodes as and when they’re ready… yet they seem to think I’m gate keeping!

• “Can I have this hairstyle or that face shape?!” No, because those features look too mature… and the characters are in their 20’s. I already explained this at the very start. Yet you still decided to read the story whilst knowing this. So why ask a few chapters later?!

• “I think you spelt this word wrong.” Lol, no I didn’t. I’m British… some words are spelt differently! Surely they realise that America isn’t the only Country in the world?!

• “Can he/she be a love interest?!” What… because the other three or four aren’t enough for you?!

• “That chapter felt short.” Lol, no. It was at least 12-15 minutes long, because I tested it. [And I’m not a slow reader.] If it was short to you, that means you tapped too fast and skipped half of the dialogue.

• “Can you tell me what to choose for this choice… and will it affect the storyline?!” This one then confirms that they’d tapped too fast and missed half of the dialogue… because sometimes I give subtle hints prior to adding important choices. And I always tell them when a choice will affect the storyline, so they’d clearly chosen to ignore it.

^ That’s all I can think of from the top of my head. But I may edit this post, if I remember anymore that I’ve had to deal with.


that one. I mix between British and American. I am not either. I mostly use British. they are so annoying when complaining about it, its color not colour.

I have 5 love interests. and am still being asked that about side characters.

I been asked that a lot about one character, I legit added because I plan to kill said person.

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Yes! In American English they tend to skip the “U”s in some words… whereas British English includes them.
For example: Colour VS Color, Labour VS Labor and many more.
The only time when I use a mix of both American and British spellings, is when I know that we use both in my Country.
Such as “Realize” and “Realise”. It’s common to use both in England. Same goes for “Customization” and “Customisation.” Neither are wrong, here.


Haha, I still get that a lot with the Male side characters. But luckily they’re never usually characters that I plan to kill off.
However I used to get asked about one female side character all of the time. The people who prefer a female LI used to ask if Ciara could be a LI… and without giving away my plans for that character, I had to say: “No, sorry. Ciara’s future has already been pre-planned.”
That way when it was time for Ciara to be killed off… it still came as a shock. I think they assumed that Ciara had a LI of her own lined up for later in the story. :eyes: But nope, she‘s dead! :joy::rofl:


I agree with every single one of these.
There was one time I updated my story (2 episodes) and the next day I got a fan mail asking when the next episode would be released. Another time I posted on my IG story when I would update my story and I get a DM asking when episodes would come out.

Honestly, I think readers need to maintain patience. I understand that you may want to read further, but authors have lives too

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Personally, I havent gotten any discouraging fanmails so far…
I am grateful for whatever messages people gave me, and all were supportive ones , and those seriously made my day.

But one thing which I dislike a bit is the same person asking for an update multiple times in the fanmail.
I am happy that you are excited, I feel so appreciated that you like my story and wanna continue reading more, but they should understand writing in Episode isnt what we do 24/7
and as being a student, I have to take a break for studies and prepping for my exams…and yeah, sometimes we have to deal with family stuffs too, because I’m now growing up, I have more responsibilities, etc etc…
Spending time in Episode is what I do for recreation, only when I have leisure time…
and I rarely get any leisure time these days…

so yeah, that’s the only complain I have… when readers are continuously asking for the update …:crying_cat_face:

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OHMYGOSH they didn’t just- :face_with_hand_over_mouth: wow :skull:


Yep. I remember seeing a story on Instagram where a reader got made at the author Earlgreytea (I think) for killing off a character. They called them a b and everything.


I never wrote to her i personally was angry at her too. For killing of the LI in dragon bride. But i would never harrash the author over it.


I hope that person was investigated criminally…because threatening someone is illegal! The audacity of some people smh.

Reading through this thread makes me glad I have my fanmail turned off.


I think the main thing for me is close minded ones, I think people need to accept that not every story is the story for them, it wont always fit your preferences. Like in my case for example, my story heavily portrays Caribbean culture and people, not everyone will understand certain customs, ethnic backgrounds, language and such. Some readers only see the world through their own lens, that can be a problem


haha agree

I’ve seen other authors’ fanmail flooded with no CC or limited CC complaints when the author made their decision super clear and FINAL in the first chapter.

Episode users who have never opened the writing portal have no idea…


It’s like they think we get a loud notification “ding!!!” from our computers each time they post something.