What kind of stories are missing from the App?


We all know we see a lot of the same stories: pregnancy, gang, bad boy etc. type of stories. What kind of stories do you want to see more on the app that there are less off?
I’d like:

  1. More Sci-Fi focusing on life on Earth or other planets in the future with a comedic or romantic spin.
  2. More well written time travel stories
  3. More romance stories for readers 25 and up.
  4. More well written fantasy stories
  5. More stories that can have romance but not necessarily as the primary focus, perhaps more friendship stories.


For the ones you listed, I think a huge reason they are missing is due to the lack of outfits (like future outfits, past outfits…)


True. I guess you have to be creative and some people have. But I do wish as you said they had more clothing options for future and historical stories.


Thank you for responding.


ooh. I would like to see more stories about just life. Nothing cliché, just a normal person’s life ! :slight_smile:


Thank you for responding.



Characters seem to meet their love interests young and have babies ect… It’s nice for characters to experience life a bit before they settle down! Portray a more independent lifestyle!


omg i know right! so many of them are so young and they settle down way too quickly by getting knocked up lol.


i want to see more action stories on the app and more stories where the female holds the power unlike the other way around.


Exactly. Are you saying you agree that there should be some more stories for older readers? And I agree with your second part of your comments too.


Exactly. I agree.


That’s a good idea. I see a few but there should be more.


There are some people who do write such stories in spite of the lack of clothing. I have spoken to authors who have written stories under these themes and they are very good and were even featured. I do have some favourites too!


I agree. For example, not exactly related to the fantasy theme, I have seen authors think up some creative historical outfits for their characters using the ink outfits we had before the Victorian outfits were added. So I think if you are good and creative and can also write a good story, it doesn’t matter as much.


Yes! Jessica Swift did an excellent job with those in her stories. She writes historical dramas. Moon Wade writes sci-fi stories and has created her own world too. Both of them have been featured. Jessica Swift has had 3 out of 4 stories featured. I wish authors wrote a bit more realistically. To be honest, at the end of the day no girl would want to end up with a bad boy and people don’t change that easily. Change is hard and take a span of years to go through. They make it seem so easy and fairytale like.


Actually those are the two I was thinking of. I love their stories (and they are nice people too). Also I am not sure how old you are. I know Jessica is a little older and Moon is very mature (and slightly older than some of the writers), but that has something to do with the way people write and what they tend to write about, in my opinion.


So to further elaborate, from their limited perspective and mindset, this is what they are thinking relationships are like. I don’t know if its their limited experience or what they see in their families or with their friends or the media, but I hope that has to do with age and their mindset changes at least.


I have spoken to Jessica quite a few times and she is nothing but a sweetheart. Also she is a mum so definitely the age. Moon and I speak on a regular basis and we are good friends. We are very similar to each other and both of us have a few years of age difference between us.

Some people write what sells. I try to make my plot interesting and diverse. My first story wasn’t great at all but it got so many reads but my recent story is better and some people truly love it, I got great reviews but I have like 200+ reads only.
Honestly a lot of teenagers love the pregnancy and bad boy stories. They don’t wish to try anything new. Those who do they just want something different all the time.
When I began writing on Episode, I read stories from the trending section. Slowly, I gave up reading those, even if they were incomplete and began reading different stories. Stories that are honest when portraying reality and show it’s harshness.


I would like to see more stories with other cultures!


That is great that you are close with both of them.
I know I saw you on IG. What is your story again? I am writing my first story and I know there is room for improvement but I refuse to give up on it. I am very determined to keep with it.

Yes, like it or not, you are right, those themes I mentioned before are what is popular and what people read. I think it is as you said that there are mostly teenagers who use the App and they want to read those stories. I don’t want to have to feel that I am writing stories just to please them. I want to write what I feel interested in and what feels right to me.

I think those stories with those themes are very cliche and I cannot read some of them. Some of the parodies or comedy versions of some of these stories I like and will read though.