What kind of stories are you tired of seeing on episode

I’m a new author writing a story. One thing I notice is it’s too many stories with gangs, and women getting kidnapped and falling inlove with the kidnapper. Also another thing I notice, is it’s too many bad boy stories. I’m writing a story now, but I wanna make sure I don’t put too many cliche things in my story.

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There is nothing wrong with using cliches, it just depends on how you write it. I like putting a twist on a cliche. For example, one story I’m tired of seeing is a girl moving in with her crush (who is also super popular) for plot. Why not have the girl be popular and the guy be a complete outcasted nerd?

I agree. Bad boys, kidnappings, gangs, pregnancies, ans etc are all overused and not much can change about them. Cliches also work very well, that’s why they’re so popular and overused. Trust your gut. If you don’t like bad bot stories, dont write it. If you like 'em, add a twist to it that isn’t “he is actually sweet” or “MC changes the bad boy”. Hope I helped!


Make your own idea for a story plot! There are really a lot of stories on Episode that aren’t gangs/ bad boys stories.

I can give you an example for a “bad boy” I just thought about:

So the actual MC is a “female version” of a bad boy, and she finds the biggest loser in the whole world and decides to make him her new bff and teach him how to be bad and “live a little” it can be kinda cliche, depends on where you go with the story.

You can either make your own story plot, or make cliche with a twist.


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