What kind of stories did you write as a kid? And imaginary friends?

I’m writing a short story about kids about ages 4-9 (about primary school age)and their imaginations. it’s due in for for next week and ive only just started ok moving on

Basically, I’m curious as to what kind of stories you guys wrote as kids, if you wrote any at all. And if you had any imaginary friends, what were they like?

I’ve lost most my primary school books, but I remember the classic ‘woohoo look at me talking to animals’ followed by ‘…and then I woke up and it was a dream the whole time’, a lot of horse stories and several thousand inspired by superheroes and creepypastas. One of my friends and I did an entire series on ‘The Adventures of Blenderman & Co’. I still feel bad for making my teachers mark those ones. Keep in mind that I wrote these from ages 6-10, and I’m now 14, still feeling guilty.

No surprises here, I had tons of imaginary friends. They were all pretty… normal, though. The ones I invented myself, anyway. I would just play by myself and pretend I was with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; I was completely obsessed with them. I even tried to turn one of my worlds into a story on episode when I was about 10 Yes, 10. What can I say? I was born a bad boy. It was a total shitshow. I found it on my old email last month, and I’m ever grateful that I never published it.


Superhero, school themed, heroic team of magical girls, random stories (ex. about a Haunted House) and fanfic (mostly Winx), as well as some comics (there’s a lot of variety in what I wrote but I have two-three special series I’m hoping to publish in the future and turn them into TV shows (I’ve had a lot of time to develop them)

A lot of my stories were thrown out in garbage but boy did I fill over like 80 notebooks :joy: :blob_hearts:

No, I didn’t have any imaginary friends. I wasn’t allowed to play with dolls either as a kid so most of my time went into writing and creating stuff :blob_sun:


Most of the stories I wrote imagined were usually inspired by whatever I was into at the time which included stuff like Pokemon, ATLA, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Superheroes, etc. They were basically fanfiction but with my own OCs in whatever show or book I was invested in.

I didn’t have any imaginary friends. I usually just was in my head, in whatever made up story universe thing I made. Like as a kid, sometimes I would just be in my room daydreaming about these stories and stuff lol

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I wrote stories about friends who had to overcome a problem or about animals in magical words.:joy:
I didn’t have any imaginary friends… :eyes:


99% of stories that I wrote as a kid were about middle school aged girls fighting each other. :joy:

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I wrote one story that I can remember about a pirate and hopping bears on a treasure island! :national_park::joy::joy::joy:


Let me start this off with… I was a weird child. I was constantly writing stories on the computer, in notebooks, and in my head.

Two of the ones I wrote was about an Royal Ogre Family (inspired by Shrek of course), and then on vacation one year I wrote about a girl in love with a werebear. Like a werewolf, but a bear. :woman_facepalming:t3::joy:


Well I mainly wrote high school based stories inspired by what I saw on TV, they were pretty ridiculous and exaggerated as I thought that made things funny.

Also drew a sort of comic series about these group of cross dressing men who were actually secret agents that solved crimes (in first grade) and dealt with bullying because of it. It was inspired by white chicks and other similar films at the time.

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This question has actually made me realise that I didn’t have many creative thoughts when I was little, most of what I did had its basis in reality. Normally, I’d blame my Christian parents and my even-more-Christian mother-in-law—I mean, father’s mother, but I broke free of that in my preteen years.

I “grew into myself” from the ages 11-14, if that makes any sense. I’m creative now, but thinking back, I don’t think I was always that way.

When I was 9 and before… The best description of my imagination is inconsistent. I didn’t have any constant imaginary friends that I know of, except for my power fantasy daydream where a perfect version of myself was perfect at everything and the best at dodgeball. (I was about 8.)

I remember having drawing phases; I’d draw mermaids for a week, then I’d draw fashion for a week, then I’d draw unicorns for a week, then I’d draw farm animals for a week…

The only stories I can remember writing are brief snapshots of life from the perspective of several girls around the globe, some richer, others poorer. I was about 8 or 9 then too, and didn’t have much screen time and didn’t know how to research properly, so my info was very inaccurate lmao. At least I was acknowledging that I wasn’t the centre of the universe.

I think I was about 7 when I wrote a very uninteresting short story about 6 faeries who plan a birthday party for their best friend (who was also a faerie).

So, now that I think about it, if you’re looking for a kid who imagined a world of monsters and angels, I’m not your gal. I was about 11 when I first created a fantastical story not shallowly based on well-known, basic myths.

So yeah, idk if I’m much help with your assignment. :joy:

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I used to write about a guy and a weird friendly creature :rofl:

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The stories i wrote were mainly adventurous and action based.:wink::wink:

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