What kind of stories do you like?

I’m planning on writing a story and i want to write something that people actually like to read so i need opinions and thoughts .

I really like witty dialogue and sassy, funny characters :smile:


Opinion: Write your own thing, not anybody else’s

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Really weird plot twists are good

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i am. i just wanted opinions and thoughts so.

I guess, okay, good luck

I never said i was going to take their ideas and put them in my story. i know what i’m doing but thanks for the lovely opinion .

I like the stories with ALOT of drama because it’s just fun and entertaining to see that in a story on Episode. Like cliffhangers, plot twists, love triangles, cheating, etc. :wink: :wink: :wink:
:joy: :joy: :joy:

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Before u want to write a story about what people want to read, have you thought to yourself what do YOU want to write a story about. What is your fav genre to write and yeah u can include other genre in yr story.

Comdey - HUmor
Mystery - Finding/Solving
Fantasy - Vampire, etc
Drama - Arguing, Family, etc
Adventure - Traveling, etc
Horror - Scary
Thriller - Kinda similar to horror
Action - Fighting, Weapons, etc.

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A really well thought out plot, and developed characters. Choices that matter are good too.

I am all about characters. So give me a decent plot (it does not matter which genre) with complex characters and a bunch of interesting, relevant side stories and I am in. Bonus points if you can squeeze in a slow-burn romance… or several.

Also, I am a sucker for LGBT+ male MCs.

But you do you. Write for yourself, then for your potential readers.

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