What kind of story beginning will let out my mc's character the most?

my mc is passionate about her work but constantly overworks herself and spends no time for herself. most of the scenes are at her workplace or in her apartment alone.

If most of the story takes place in her workplace, you can start there. If I were you I’d try to show her personality through dialogue with other recurring characters and/or patients. If you want her to have a different personality outside of work you could then transition into a scene that showcases that difference, like how she behaves with strangers, in public, etc.


I’m thinking perhaps have her currently in session with a patient who could be similar to how she is outside of work and she expresses what parts she sees in this character that she relates to, to the reader whilst they can also see what the therapist is like at work too.

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so I am already confused how can she be a therapist and in college.

a reader is not suppouse to know evrything about MC in first chapter. they just need an idea of who she is. be carefull not to info dump on the reader.

I dont recomand to do a wake up scene. the story is suppouse to start where its importent. its never importent to see a charatere wake up take a shower go to work or school. start it where the plot beginins.

I second this.

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i just looked back, saw the hole in my plot. thx. i changed it

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