What kind of story do you read

Hi guys I was wondering what you are interested in reading, so feel free to list them down in the comments below.

  • Do you like a long or short story?
  • Do you like twisted plots that involve the mafia or not?
  • Do you want to name your characters or not?
  • How long do you like the episodes?
  • Do you like choices or not?
  • How do you guys find inspiration for stories?
  • What do you like to read about?

I am doing this because I am writing my first ever episode story and I want to know what you are interested in.

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  1. I like in between. I think 20-35 episodes is a good amount. It really depends on how long the episodes are.
  2. I will read mafia stories, and if they’re well written then they are enjoyable, but I feel like it’s been overdone, and now it feels like all mafia stories have the same plot line. But if you want, write a mafia story! Just please make it original.
  3. I like naming my character. Just the first name, because I can never come up with a last name that fits my character and goes with their first name. If their planned name has a back story, I’d rather not name them.
  4. I like shorter episodes, between 5-10 minutes. I don’t like the ones that are longer than 10 minutes because I have a short attention span, which ends up with me clicking randomly and then I miss important details. I also prefer when the episodes are consistently the same length, it bothers me when one is 5 minutes and the next is 15, it throws me off, I like being able to plan how long the reading is going to take me in case I have other things to do. Also, I do a lot of my Episode reading at night, and I get really tired but I don’t wanna miss out on the reward, so it feels like the episodes drag on forever. I JUST WANT MY REWARD AND MY SLEEP.
  5. I don’t mind when Episode stories are like books. But I don’t like when the endings are obvious. So, I will read stories with no choices, small choices that don’t matter, or stories where the choices matter.
  6. My mind is constantly running and I’m always thinking of new ideas. I’d say I probably think of about. 3-5 new story ideas per day.
  7. I like all genres except thriller and horror because of my anxiety and again, I usually read Episode at night. A pet peeve of mine is when authors mislabel their genre, I know it’s their choice but I don’t like when the story is a love story but they label it as drama, in my mind drama is more high school/my crazy life kind of Episode story (which I still enjoy) but maybe the author thought it was more drama than romance

Thanks for answering!
I will consider your answers to my new story


    1. I personally say I like long stories but then I get so sad when it’s over. A story around 30 episodes seems good enough.
    1. I avoid all stories with “mafia” in it. Unless it’s a small theme, I find it overused tbh.
    1. I like CC and I’m sure many others do too. Plus, a lot of popular stories include CC so. Plus it makes it more unique to me.
    1. I like episodes to be pretty long, because it has to be worth the pass y’know? BUT it also has to be fun at all times or else it’s just boring. No one wants to read like 3 minutes of just straight narration.
    1. YES!! definitely. Choices are like, a must in episode stories. I especially like it when they ACTUALLY matter.
    1. I found inspo through other stories! Whatever I’m writing about relates to the story I just read. As well as reading prompts online.
    1. I really like romance but not the cheesy one, I like the one where they gradually fall for each other. as well as stories with advanced directing.

I like either! Personally I prefer stories in between 25-40 episodes. (Still, I enjoy comedy or horror/thriller stories with 5-10 episodes too.) I’ve seen multiple with over 60 episodes, and -I promise I’m not dissing them! I’m sure they’re cool- I was kind of like whoa.

I do my best to avoid these stories. There are way too many cliches and tropes involved…Maybe if it wasn’t so overused…

Meh. I’m indifferent to this. I don’t mind naming my character or not.

I like long episodes. In my own opinion, these keep me on my toes to where I’m like “OOOO MORE?! THE PLOT THICKENS!” Still, in my own stories, I test this on myself. Basically, if I’m getting bored reading my own story, then I know something has to change to keep the reader engaged.

I love choices!

This might sound crazy, but usually from my dreams. I don’t know what it is…For example, I’m working on a horror story that was solely based on a recurring dream I had!

I LOVE fantasy stories. Unfortunately, there are way too many werewolf-vampire centered stories in that genre, so it gets difficult finding one I’ll personally enjoy. I don’t have anything against them, I just find them far too overdone. I love pretty much all genres. I love more than anything when I see advanced directing because not only does it make a story, but it lets me see how much work this author has put into their story, and it makes for an enjoyable and unforgettable reading experience!

  • Do you like a long or short story?
    Lenght dosent matter to, though if the story drags on when it should have ended chapters ago I properly will stop reading

and about lenght in chapters, if a chapter get to long I just take a break, if its to short, well I will properly be a bit grumpy about that

  • Do you like twisted plots that involve the mafia or not?
    not really
  • Do you want to name your characters or not?
    not really
  • How long do you like the episodes?
    around 10 minuts
  • Do you like choices or not?
    yes very much
  • How do you guys find inspiration for stories?
    its more like how do I stop it, I dont get how people cant find story plot, if I did write evry story plot I had into a book I would have enough to open a book store. but I properly get it for letting my mind wanderer, and listen to music
  • What do you like to read about?

Good luck with your story! :smiley:

I don’t mind reading short stories and long stories. It just shouldn’t be procrated and makes sense. 30 episodes are enough.

Usually, I avoid mafia stories (since it romantises abuse, weapons, toxic relationship between MC and LI (the mafia leader) and murder) but I do enjoy stoires where the mafia clearly is the enemy and the MC tries to take the mafia down. :slight_smile: Oh, and I despise it when it’s only the Italian mafia, Italian-American mafia, Russian mafia etc. (it’s an awful representation of these cultures. Depends on how the author does it, it can even be very offensive.)

I don’t care about the name, to be honest. I even don’t use CC when I’m reading stoires.

10-15 minutes are a good length.

Depends on the story.

Books, films, shows, daily life, hobbies, study, conversations with family and friends etc.

What I like:

  • Slow burn romances
  • Thriller
  • Mystery
  • Historical stories
  • Crime/detective stoires
  • Romcom
  • Love stories that doesn’t glorify toxic relationships
  • Stories with adult MC’s (20+)
  • Stories that doesn’t always take place in US (Nothing against US! I just like to see more other countries and cultures. :slight_smile: More diversity, you know?)
  • Good drama stories that doesn’t involve crazy ex-girlfriends/boyfriends and mean girls
  • Adventure stories
  • Stories where I can choose at the end of the story to stay single (if I don’t like the LI’s. It’s sometimes the case :sweat_smile: )