What kind of story do you want?

So I want to start a new story but I don’t have any idea’s, so if you have a story that you want to read but no one has made it, please feel free to ask!

(Little info: I like to do romance.)

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Hey, I have many ideas, cause I keen on romance/drama as well, so I could pm you (if you’re interested) instead of writing them down in the comment section just in case

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well I wanted to do this story but its called “Love On Air”. (never published it or anything) but the mc or LI can be the dj in a studio that gives advices to people on the radio or something and then again the mc or LI can be a vlogger (wherever) and like they vlog whatever they like. then fast forward the two will meet (maybe at a cafe or something) and it’ll be like love at first sight lol … and then the DJ’s boss/manager or whatever watches whoevers vlog and they instantly become a fan and wants to meet them. then like when the boss/manager introduces the MC to the LI or vice versa they be like “you?!” or something like that haha im not that great but if you want to use that feel free to :yellow_heart:

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I’d love to!

Ohhh I’ll definitly think about it!

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