What looks better lol....sorry

What face looks better. I need your help. This is for another love interest in my story.



I’m still deciding if I will put limited cc in bc if I do it won’t really go along with the story. But I just need your opinion.
Btw his name is Adrian.

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I like 1 because I dont like how the hair is placed on him. Like is off center :woman_shrugging:


yeahh that does kinda bother me lol.
but like I said there might be limited cc idk yet so the hairstyle could be changed.
I just didn’t know what face to do…maybe I’ll let readers choose a hairstyle they want for him if they don’t like it.

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Does the face have to be the same though. What if you made CC for the face as well🤔

It’s just I have a lot in store.
For the main Camila she is spanish/latina and if I let ppl cc idk if she will look how I had in mind and then the story won’t make as much sense.

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I completely understand that
my story doesn’t have CC at all because I have art scenes and I want my characters to look how I wanted them to~


1 because it looks better in my opinion. In the image for 2, there’s a gap between the top of his ear and when his hair starts, and it makes things look weird.

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1 definitely

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