What makes a good and believable love story?


So I’m working on my very first story. I am putting a lot of time and effort into it. Now, the story is coming to a place where two characters are going to fall in love.
So, what makes a good love story?
What would you like to see?
I have the plot figured out, but I’m talking about what you would like to see in a love story, regardless of the plot around it?
Let me know! I’ll gladly share more details if needed.


Not too much drama…? Like don’t exaggerate things too much?

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I’d say pacing would be key.
I’m guilty of doing so but the whole love at first sight cliche is an eye roll

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Would you mind going in to more detail of what you mean? :blush: Like what kind of drama do you mean? Because I think there still should be some obstacles in the way to make it more realistic and believable.

I agree, but I think even if you did the love at first sight thing, it can’t be like they are ready to put their whole life on the line for a person they just met.

Maybe like strong feelings of wanting to know more about each other and feeling a strong connection right from the beginning? Really looking forward to meeting them again? That could maybe be a more believable love at first sight?

Personally I love the slow burn romance thing, the question of will they get together or won’t they while your readers know full well that they belong together. Dont make their relationship perfect, it won’t be realistic. Give them things to argue about, things that both threaten to tear them apart and the little things that people squabble about every day. But each time have them fight their way back to each other because at the end of the day being with each other is worth everything else.


I agree. Thanks for your opinion and advice!

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