What makes a GOOD character?

Hello !
I’m just looking for some advices on character creation.

What, in your opinion, makes a good character ?
How to come up with an interessant character ?

Thanks ! :dove:


If we were looking at a sort of general definition, people might say a good character has quality aspects to their character like realism, complexity, relatability. I agree with those sentiments, but it honestly depends on what someone thinks. I could view a realistic character as being pessimistic, a complex character as confusing, a relatable character as forced, and so on. Sometimes when I think what makes something good, I feel like things get repeated and not added.

For me, a good character is just good. Not too bad, but also not too memorable. They don’t aggravate me nor do they intrigue me. A good character is serviceable if they’re just good. They could easily be a placeholder. I could switch some things like how they look or how they walk, but it doesn’t really change their character. Now, if I changed how they act or behave, changes to that previously character will impact someone’s outlook on them. They could be elevated or downgrade in people’s opinions of them.

I want to make a good character. I always think about making a good character, but then how about making a great character? Not just a character that’s decent, adequate, or satisfactory. I want to make a character that’s great, and more than just something that could be a placeholder.

A good character checks the boxes of the list for character development and other key character aspects. A great character does all of what a good character does, but heightens it. I consider a great character to be interesting with many memorable moments that makes them iconic.

An interesting character has a purpose, motivations, goals, flaws, strengths, development, and be competent. As a reader, I want to be able to envision their point of view and understand that they’re doing the necessary steps to achieving their purpose or finding what they seek.


I definitely agree with @Phoenix_11037, but I think that the character should have a voice if it’s a real character.

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