What makes a good cliffhanger?

I never published a story before, im currently working on one right now and I don’t know how to make a good cliffhanger for it, sadly :sweat_smile: Does anyone have advice for me? :heart:

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The two main ways for cliffhangers to keep readers/viewers coming back is to either involve characters in a suspenseful, possibly life-threatening situation, or to feature a sudden shocking revelation. Cliffhangers are also used to leave open the possibility of a character being killed off due to the actor not continuing to play the role.

Check out this site:
How to Write a Cliffhanger.

I get it. thanks for the help @LaurelleE27

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Stakes stakes stakes! We won’t care about the cliffhanger if we aren’t led to believe that the bad outcome is possible! I’ve read stories where it seems like nothing bad ever happens to the characters, so i stop caring about the cliffhangers. We need to see things go wrong from time to time!

Also, give us enough hope beforehand that we’re thrown off when it happens :blush:

Thanks for the advice. ^^

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