What makes a good episode story

what makes a good episode story in ur opinion

*mafias (just my preference)
CC and written in LL
good background story to characters
show not tell
good book covers


Custom overlays (not too much)
Unpredictable plot
custom backgrounds (yeah I want to see different backgrounds, not just episode ones)
good covers


Custom overlays and backgrounds (enough to keep the readers hook on the story)
Unpredictable story plot
Nice story covers (I mean; at least well-edited)
Interesting and revealing story description
Well-written characters
Show not tell
Advanced Directing
Slowburn (but not like, that the characters united in the final episode)


-Show not tell characters’ traits and personality; good character development
-Use of advanced directing (like tappables, zooms, that kind of thing)
-Custom overlays (they show that the author worked pretty hard on the story)
-Believable romance (they can’t just go “oh that guy’s so cute imma kiss him now… ooh lemme go on a date with this dude I met one second ago lol”) I’m not saying that love at first sight isn’t a thing, I’m just saying that you can’t rush the plot
-Plot twists; unpredictable plot, well-planned plot
-Strong bond between the LI and MC
-Good description
-Not too many cliches or none

  • advanced directing
  • interesting plot
  • relatable/fun personality
  • good story covers

Amazing how many people want a good cover, like sure it makes you tap, but its not like its a thing there matter to the story.


It doesn’t, but it catches readers’ attention. Good cover = more reads. I’m convinced that some stories on the trending shelf are only there because of their covers… not to name names, of course


Mostly, I love sincere, fleshed-out characters. I’ve realized I can read any genre as long as the characters and their relationships intrigue me. Give me nuance! Give me three-dimensional personalities!

  • Custom backgrounds & Overlays
  • Upredictable Plots (I haven’t read many stories in my last few years of reading episode stories that weren’t predictable, but when they weren’t predictable they were absolutely amazing to read)
  • Well Edited/Drawn Covers
  • Characters with their own personalities & background stories
  • More Complex/Advanced Coding (Tappables/Zooms/Important Choices)
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I like cliffhangers at the end of an episode that I wasn’t expecting until about 3 seconds before and I suddenly go ‘OH MY GOD IT’S …’ or just a good cliffhanger because they really keep me hooked on the story

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-full cc (i’m sorry, i just feel more connected to the story when i can customize my mc and li)
-correct grammar
-meaningful/unpredictable plot
-death (it may seem kind of weird but when there is a tragedy in a story, it makes it 10x better because we get to see the characters in a most time, new and vulnerable state)
-developed side characters
-attention to detail

Here’s mine

  • Original,l and creative, not using cliché storylines or plots
  • Good overs
  • Good description
  • Advanced directing
  • Full CC
  • MC and Li with good personality
  • A good and interesting plot
  • Point systems
  • Having tappable overlays or whatever you call them ( I love them, it makes the story so interesting and fun!)
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Some may find a few of mine weird, but…

  • Good narration.
  • Good grammar.
  • For romance: it’s more slow-burn, not fast-paced
  • Advanced Directing
  • Only 1 LI (I f*cking hate love-triangles with almost all of my heart.)
  • When it’s not a self-insert. (When the character isn’t ‘You’ but rather you’re playing as another character. Like Faye from Burning Waves or Solar from Mendacity. I just don’t like playing as myself that much.)
  • When choices don’t matter… or if they do, they don’t affect the main ending, and you just get different bonus scenes.
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