What makes a good mafia-based story?

I know mafia-related stories are about to grow old. It’s always the same cliché plots and unrealistic love stories. But I genuinely love this “theme,” and if the right amount of effort and research is put into it don’t you think it would be a success?
-All in all, I just wanted some opinions and suggestions on what you would prefer when reading those kinds of stories, and what are your expectations?


That they denounce instead of glorify, that they’re based on good research, and that they’re considerate of the victims and all the evil that comes from the mafia.

Sadly, I have yet to see a story that has all 3 :upside_down_face:


the best mafia story is a non mafia story.


Every mafia group is different, and it’s literally always the same type of mafia group throughout storiesssssss it’s gettinggg olllddddd ;( (I can tell who’s done their homework and who hasn’t).

Do research, focus on one type of group. There are mafias all around the world, so when writing about one, that might be specific to one region, try and get… an idea, a rough idea.

I would HIGHLY suggest reading books (novels) on mafia stories. This will help you get a better understanding of how to properly portray them. Or actual books based on them, lolol, whatever you have the time for (I’m currently writing one, not on episode, so if you need some tips on how to portray them, hmu!)


I really want to read something that’s close to the truth. You know? Understand that they are mafias. Yes they’re very ‘family oriented’, they’re still dangerous, but it really depends on what mafia group you’re trying to portray…

My home country, there are two mafia groups, however, they’re pretty “chill” in the city, unless you specifically ask for trouble. So please do research and focus on a particular group! Don’t base it off of them entirely, but get a good understanding. :))

Oh and, bare in mind that a lot of them justify their actions and believe they’re doing something which is right, even though to someone who isn’t part of the criminal world, we would never be able to justify such behaviour.

Good luck with your story huns!

I probably waffled so lmaoooo

Edited because I forgot to add a few things and some spelling mistakes :heart:


Well, as a person with a interest in true crime, I get why mafias can be super interesting to write about and I definitely think they can be written about in a way that’s respectful to people who has suffered because of their crimes. I just think that the theme itself has caught such a bad reputation because of people using mafia just to establish a rulebreaker/badass trait in a LI or MC, which is pretty cheap and tasteless and doesn’t really make me like/relate to the character.

So as long as you don’t just sweep all the negative stuff under the rug and make the whole mafia look like some sort of group of misunderstood heroes, but actually take some time to educate yourself on a specific mafia, I personally don’t see a big problem with it! And because of my love of true crime, I definetly would love to see a well written episode story that portrays a somewhat realistic mafia and not just some romantic fantasy about dating some hot mafioso


This is SO great advice! I’ve read plenty of mafia novels in the past and even switched from episodes of mafia-stories to actual well-written stories.
But I have the urge to write one on this platform…
I will dig further into the topic. Hopefully, I can create not only an appreciable story but make myself and my readers learn.

  • I would love to be able to get your help if needed!

This assuredly helps my situation! I also love crime, and mafia even more since it’s almost an internal crime community itself.
I will keep on educating myself and try to make a factual story where I don’t portray the mafia as the avengers.
It’s hard to fall in love with “some hot mafioso”, if all he does is kill, and still get adored for it.
It’s bad to make more horrible examples of romanticizing the mafia.


I will try my best to fulfill these expectations since it would make a much more in depth kind of story!

Maybe when the mafia in the story are the enemies and Episode is not promoting crime? I never like mafia stories but there are a few gang stories that I do like, more on the robbery and investigation side on things.


Thank you so much for stating your opinion! It can get very violating(it is the reality) but it’s not impossible to avoid this and still present reality.

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That’s really good! And yes, I can understand why you’d want to write on here. You can do it! :heart:

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A lot of mafia stories take place in New York City, has a weak main character that is usually a straight, mixed, girl who is agonistic and less than 5’4. The love interest is the gang leader who is unrealistically tall who is straight up rude but he’s so :sparkles: HoT :sparkles: and he’s usually a player or he “doesn’t believe in love until he met the main character” and he’s either Hispanic or Italian. The main character usually gets kidnapped sometime in the story by the love interest’s rival gang.

These type of mafia stories are boring like WHERE IS THE FLAVORR??? I could name a couple that have the exact same plot as the one i described but I don’t wanna start an arguement.

If you want to write a good mafia story you shouldn’t just stick to the same cliché plot and try to write something different and more unique and try to make the readers not know what is going to happen next <3


Non romanticised mafia. If u wanna create a mafia story it cannot b romance without romanticising crime bc mafia is not romantic :white_heart:


Thank you so much for your reply! My purpose with the story I’m currently writing is to get an idea out of my head. It would be stupid to get an idea that’s already written down a hundred times. I will try my best to make something unique and original!

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Your welcome. You’re right.

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Agreed! Thanks for the reply!
I will take this in consideration.

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I know of one story called Reality, it’s about the consequences of dating a man in a mafia. I haven’t read it, but I will eventually.


Thanks for the suggestion :+1:t2:

For me something important, not only for mafia stories but for all stories, is this thing called “action reaction”. It basically means that all the characters do things with reason. So for example if the story is about a normal girl that has to live with the mafia boss, don’t make her agree to live with him for no reason, and he also needs to have a motive to ask her to live with her. Don’t make her suddently love him without a good reason. Everything has a reason.


I recommend reading thru this thread to see stereotypes to avoid. A Mafia Story Isn't a Mafia Story Without

the thread is full of major stereotypes that should b avoided.