What makes a good mafia-based story?

You’re more than right! It’s the easiest solution to just throw it out there without any real explanation, so I’ll keep this in mind for sure!


This is such a great suggestion!
I appreciate the help! :innocent:

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I actually have some personal experience in directly I do know someone who worked for a major gang. And none of the stories I’ve read on episodes ever comes close to what’s it’s like only plus side is they seem to avoid harming their family members but some of the attacks from other gang members from other family’s are quite eye opening to say the least.

Theee a lot of benefits with a gang like a lot of money ect but an awful price to pay if you cross another gang.


People glorify the mafia too much.

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Way too much I remember his gf and their kids living in fear incase something happened. She eventually left him which was for the best I couldn’t cope with the stress they where under.

There nothing attractive about the mafia there incredibly dangerous men.
The person who was apart of a gang ended up being

burned alive by another gang member he survived barely.


Oh that’s horrible, geez!

Yeah, I wish people researched this more.

Toxic people who are horrible criminals are not romantic love interests.

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Okay, mafia story advice?

  1. Don’t make the MC look like all she ever cared about the bad boy LI is the sexy time.
    I know, no one is dumb enough to make the MC say “oh I just use him for the fun time and then it’s over” but the actions of your MC speaks louder than speech bubbles.

  2. Don’t make the MC get caught in a cross fire
    Believe me, if some other Cartel or a rival gang comes ambush you, you will have a 90% chance not surviving it, especially if you’re an untrained “innocent lamb”.
    That is, unless if you want to kill off the MC.

  3. Don’t let the stereotypes betray you
    Lets face it, given the chance, everyone wants to be the king.
    Some are willing to go behind people’s backs just to get what they want. And that includes their dear mafia bosses.
    Trust me, among 10 mafia people, at least 8 are always ready to sell off their leader if offered what they want.

  4. They don’t walk in town like they own it
    They might say “Manhattan is my turf” or “you want to trade in LA, you gotta have my permission”. But they don’t say it in the public as if no one is there that might overhear them.
    Oh, by the way, they silence anyone who could potentially threaten their deal and/or their life.

  5. If the boss has a son/daughter that’s sent to school, they’d probably get the least attention
    Who knows? Maybe the quiet kid with 3 inch glasses who you’ve always made fun of is the son of an infamous mafia leader you dreamed of.

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