What makes a good mystery story

I’m currently doing a mystery story and I’m wondering what makes a good mystery story.

  • Unpredictable plot
  • Minigames
  • Solid Cliffhangers
  • Choices with Consequences (both options are bad, but reader has control)
  • Multiple endings
  • Flawed characters (for realism)
  • Have suspects, but none of them be the actual antagonist

thanks for the feedback.

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• Realistic procedures
• Criminal with a purpose
• Big plot twists
• Everyone is a suspect
• “Someone in this room is the killer”
• Adding experts (for example the coroner, a geologist etc)
• Avoiding stereotypes (for example the detective is 20 years old and has a dark past)

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  • Hooking from first episode
  • Plot twists!!
  • If the story includes romance then as a side aspect not main
  • Well structured plot, no plot holes
  • Good setting and mood (e. g. dimmed scenes, use of filters)
  • Suspense
  • Meaningful choices
  • Mini games

thanks for the feedback.

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