What makes a good plot (closed)

Hey! I hope you’re doing well I am currently working on a story feel free to check out my insta epy.lilly3 for a little sneak peak I keep changing my freaking plot, maybe if I get an idea I know how it should go feel free to speak your mind, you’re in a safe place :purple_heart:

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what’s your story about i maybe can help

I need a vision of a good plot I feel like I’m on the right track but I don’t know maybe a bit more closure could help any idea on what you think is a good plot?

I beginning middle and end, a good plot is knowing what your doing and plan the story, if you keep changeing where the story goes you mess it up, your story need to reach the end if you know what that is you need to figure out how to get there,

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A plot is telling your readers what goin happen in your story but just giving them little details that’s how this youtuber help me with my plot

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Thanks! At least I know I am on the right track :grin:

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