What makes a good story? [Leave an opinion]

There are alot of new authors on this forum as well as on the app who wants to know ,what makes a good story?.Although I’m not a new author but every time I start a new story, I have to think from the beginning and I feel that suggestions improve writing skills. would you rather read a story that is correctly punctuated with no grammatical ,spelling errors and with a good story plot but has a few reads Or would you prefer reading a story that is full of such mistakes and has a weak plot but has so many reads? Or would you enjoy a short episode with simple directing or would you prefer reading a long episode with an advanced directing but as well as with a lot of visual directing errors too?.So in my opinion a good error free story plot with simple error free directing makes a good story,no matter how many reads it has,do you think the same? What are other points that makes a good story in your opinion? It can be anything that you like in stories that you enjoy reading. (Note: this thread is created to share ideas related to what makes a good story and to help new authors gain new ideas) :slightly_smiling_face:


Most people really don’t care how many reads a story has to read it and I agree.

The best stories are ones with plots that haven’t been overused and few or none grammatical errors. I understand directing can be hard for some people so I don’t expect amazing directing, but semi-decent directing at the least would be nice.

Each episode should be about 10-15 min, not too short that it annoys me, not to long that it bores me.


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Read counts are irrelevant to me, if it looks appealing and it sounds good I will read it. Some of the best stories on Episode don’t have a lot of reads due to many reasons, genre as an example. Romance stories tend to have a lot more reads (even the bad ones) than those placed in other categories. Which is a reason I unintentionally avoid some popular stories, because a lot of them are just the same plot as thousands of others (including the authors other stories) with a few small changes.

If the first episode is nothing but customisation, I won’t continue to read it. If the story is error free (maybe 1 or 2 small errors), I will read it regardless of directing capabilities. Some people are better writers than directors and some are still learning so how do I know the directing won’t get better as the story progresses with the author?

Chapters that are shorter than 8 minutes tend to put me off but anything more is good. A lot of people say no more than 20 minutes but if the plot is gripping enough, you don’t pay attention to how long the chapter is/was. E.g To Be Human by JennJam, there is a chapter than was over 30 minutes long and I didn’t realise because it was that good.

A plot that is well thought out and refreshingly different than the usual makes a great story. It stands out from the rest and projects the author’s creativity and imagination. And sadly there are many on the app just like I’ve described but they are constantly pushed back by the same plot, different author so they don’t get the chance to be found.


A story that stands out from others… And a story with good coding (example: Moving a character to another spot, Etc)


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