What makes a good story?



Hey Community,

for months I try to write and publish my first history.:thinking:
Despite new attempts, ideas and actions, I don’t like them after 2 episodes anymore and I reject them. :confused:
Jokes and dramatic scenes just seem low.

Now I wanted to ask you -
What makes a good story for you? :hugs:

The fact that drama and romantic are the most-read genres is clear.

But do you prefere comedy in the story or, nevertheless, drama?
Are the main characters still at school, university or have they already finished?
Are the parents divorced, together or do they even play a role?
Pregnancy stories? Gang stories?
Any other critera?

What do you prefer and what would you read in any case?

I’m curious about your answers! :blush:

-An unimaginative writer :grin:


I am in love with action stories e.g mafia, Gang and spy stories

Im writing a story about what I like and I would like to prove the stereotypes wrong

most of these stories involve women being damsels in distress and men doing the dangerous stuff


What makes a good story for me is…

  • Mainly fight scenes as I’m weird XD,
  • Quite a lot of choices,
  • Action and suspense at the end of the episodes,
  • A few scenes of the main character completely WRECKING a rival character, another fact to show I’m weird…
    …and a couple of other things :blush:


I know right! if you like things like that then read Adrenaline, it’s so good!


already ahead of you lol I already read it


xDD Liane is so funny


ikr I want her to end up with Andre


I’ve chosen the female characters to be with, Victoria and Nova


Mainly Nova because I love her accent


that is why I like the story you get a choice for everything


Choices are great- no question :slightly_smiling_face:

But often there are choices like “what do you want to eat?” and stuff.
Unnecessary - in my opinion :kissing:

The more choices there are, the less they have in meaning. Unfortunately. @SpiralKaleidoscope


True… I mean like ‘what do you want to wear for today?’ or should we let such-as-such a person?’


The choices that effect the ending of the story are good as well


For me, I like the original, non-cliche, overall great stories. That doesn’t mean that if a story is a cliche or has some cliche elements that it’s a bad story, in fact, I’ve read some stories that have cliche elements and they’re great!
The answer to the question “What makes a good story?” varies from person to person. Everyone has their own opinion on what makes a good story. Now, There are some things that can make a story better. Like proper spelling, compelling story, good directing, believable characters, a good amount of choices in each episode, etc, etc.


I agree


I personally think, that a good story is a story where the author has been very creative in the way he/she writes

And i think its really important to make unexpected scenes and occasions also.
Im tired of reading stories where i already know the ending after 2 episodes… :neutral_face:


You mean plot twists? :slight_smile:

I personally don’t like the typical stories where the shy girl becomes all of a sudden the popular girl who’s loved by everyone. :thinking:


Exactly :slight_smile:

I agree very much. I guess that kind of stories has been written too much. Its boring… :expressionless:


But do you prefer comedy in the story or, nevertheless, drama? Honestly, I love stories with TONSSS of drama. But it has to have lots of funny moments as well! So why not both? Haha. Romance is a must though, but then again I’m a hopeless romantic.

Are the main characters still at school, university or have they already finished? Since I’m a bit older than most of people on Episode, I prefer those who have finished school/university already. University is fine though, I’ll read it. Heck, I’ll even read high school stories if the plot is read-worthy! But just to inform you, a few weeks ago I made a poll on my Instagram and most people prefer young adults characters (18-25yo).

Are the parents divorced, together or do they even play a role? Anything is fine, really! But a character who’s in a good relationship with their parents make my heart really warm so yeah…

Pregnancy stories? Gang stories? Honestly again, mafia stories are my guilty pleasure… Haha. It gets old easily, but as long as you can have a different take to it, why not?!

Any other criteria?

  • Realistic characters! No Mary-Sue, please. No one is perfect, duh.
  • And I kinda love it when the MC is a little meanie lol. Not badass. Mean. MEAN.
  • Customization! As a writer, I kind of hate customization but as a reader, I just can’t bring myself to read a story when I think the character looks ugly.
  • Meaningful choices!
  • Funny guys ARE THE BEST but we rarely see them as the main love interest! We always see bad boys and I’m getting tired of them…
  • Realistic stories to complement the realistic characters! More of an everyday, slice of life with our everyday drama. One we can relate to. I’m boring that way.


Thank you for your detailed answer! :slight_smile:

I agree with the most of your points.

But I have to admit that I’m kind of into those bad boys characters. I like their appearance and we can’t deny that they’re usally the best looking guys in the stories. :kissing:

I somehow force myself to read the story anyway even if I don’t like the look of the MC - or its lovers. Some stories really deserve their reads and I understand the writer when she/he doesn’t want that other people “destroy” their vision of the MCs. :grin: