What makes a great Comedy story on Episode?


In your opinion, what are the vital elements needed for a great comedy story?
What’s the best way to begin and end the first episode?
Finally, what gags are overused in this genre in your opinion?
Sorry for the overload of questions haha.
Thanks in advance x


just jump right in with a scene of the main characters and their personalities.
let them know you mean business, funny business that is


To Me The elements I Think That Are Needed Are The People!Just Their Personalities Can Lighten Up Your day By their Actions And Communication’s Towards Others.They Can Inspire us By Doing Silly And Fun Things!
To Me The Best Way To Star The Episode Is A Little Comedy Skit Ir Little Play Like On Other Stories You can see In The Shelves.For Example just Make A Funny Scene In To Really Get Your Readers Going Make Them Wanna read A comedy Story! The Best Way To end It Is A Little Cliff Hanger That wants Them To read More.A Little Dramatic Funny Scene Might Just do The Trick


Really focus on character development. You’re character personalities will make your comedy shine through.


Puns and references!


Lots of simple comedy you can refer to later.


Elaborate? x


One thing I like to do is to watch funny tv shows and movies and analyze what they do. It can be sort of hard to write a comedy story because tv shows most times rely on visual things that can be hard to come across on episode so you have to depend on dialogue a lot. I make sure to have running gags and comical references to things in the real world.


Basically when one of your characters makes a joke and then refer to the joke later.


Use the animations and @cut/@pan at your advantage. Some of them leave the characters with funny faces to bring more life and laughter into your scenes :blush: I remember laughing at various scenes where the author would use a @cut to the end of the shush animation as a funny reaction for one of their characters witnessing something weird and over-the-top.


To begin the first episode- the mc literally trips onto the scene lol and then screams and starts punching and kicking thin air. Why not?

And key elements are dry humour such as lots of sarcasm and characters who are just idiots in general but don’t know it. :joy: