What makes a perfect first episode?

What do you think makes a perfect first episode? How do you think it should start and end? Character Customization aside, how long should it be? (I heard the first episode should be the longest and I agree, but how to make it long and interesting without giving out too much?)
I’m asking because I’m revamping my story Unexpected Lesbian Romance and I’m trying to make the episode longer and better, and I always felt like the first episode needed to be so much more.

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Maybe give the reader a short insight on the characters’ goals and their personalities. Make them interested in your story by having some intriguing questions that need to be answered. ( But please don’t put some questions at the end, like “what will happen to X?” “Why is y so obsessed with z?”, that’s just annoying, imo) but the plot and the situation should be understandable after the first episode. And be creative with character introduction, don’t just have them walk in front of a black screen.


in the first episode i just like to get to know the characters. their personality, home, friends, a liiittle bit of background story etc. i like when the last scene of the fist story is when the plot starts.


First episodes are really important so I would say make it maybe 200-400 lines longer than normal chapters to get personal attention, then try introducing the most interesting character first

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