What Makes A Perfect Story

Hello! Just wondering what you think are the key factors to making a perfect story. I don’t want to know what your favorite or preferable genre is or anything like that- just things you think we should add to our stories to put in any genre. I listed some below, but I think everyone knows about these :sweat_smile: can you guys come up with more?
Developed Characters
The stories that have that “wow” factor usually have well-developed characters, but the author doesn’t just tell you about them in the first episode, they kind of ease you into it- so you can really see it, cuz’ that’s what episode’s all about right?
Suspenseful scenes that keep you hanging at every twist and turn, like something unexpected happens in one scene, then they cut to a different part of the story and get back to that scene later- or just cut that episode off. It makes me love/hate the episode because I’m enjoying the story- but then the author JUST CUTS ME OFF LIKE THAT!
Description in the right places. The author adds description but at the same time shows you what’s happening and only adds description when needed.
Stories have that “wow” factor usually have amazing directing that really goes along with the episode. Overlays going flying- complicated choices.
For me, it doesn’t really matter if the story has a lot of choices or not- but if there are choices in these “wow” factor stories, they usually really matter to the story and they make it seem like it affects the story way more than it does.


I think one thing that bugs me is when characters or the plot is cliché. It really annoys me. There are probably a million and one pregnancy stories or bad-boy stories on Episode. I love it when a new and, somewhat refreshing plot comes along.

I also really enjoy plot twists. Like the loving boyfriend cheated, the best friend is actually the murderer, the sister is actually the mom, etc. They don’t even need to be in the genre of mystery. It could literally be any story. I believe they are needed because some stories get repetitive and predictable, in a sense.


I really enjoy when a story can be kind of hilarious even when the theme is drama. Also, I adore when there are sort of mini-games or riddles!


So true, the stories that are featured :woman_facepalming:. Like it “Starts With a Bra?” Really?

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I’ve written down my thoughts here on our Knitter webpage :slight_smile: maybe something useful in it :slight_smile:

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Good narration. If a story idea is good, but poorly narrated, then the story is boring.

Oh yeah! I feel like most of the featured stories are just too cheesy! They try to incorporate humor but they’re not funny. The only truly “featured” stories I enjoy are by Joseph Evans