What makes a person attractive? (to you personally)

Hello :grin::two_hearts:
I’ve been following these forums for a while now, and it looks like such an amazing, friendly and safe space, that I really wanted to become a part of it aswell! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::dizzy: I hope to meet many wonderful people and make some new friends :grin::two_hearts:

So recently I started doing this project, maybe more like a research (sorry, english is not my 1st language​:sweat_smile:) and I would really appreciate if some of you could tell me something of what to you personally, makes a person attractive, not necessary in a romantic way, but in general. Maybe it’s a certain style of how they dress? Or how they wear makeup? Maybe it’s hair, body type, facial or other features, or just simply the way they act, their confidence or how shy, humble they are? It really can be anything you can think of, because I would love to know what to you, and to you only makes someone attractive, there are no wrong answers :relieved::dizzy::two_hearts:

I would really really appreciate all the answers, and it would also really help me to get on with this research and get as many information as I can :innocent:

And also, if there would be some kind people who would be willing to help me even more, I would really like to ask you to give me like 3 minutes of your time to answer this one attractiveness ranking question with given picture. So if there would be anyone willing to help me with that, please let me know down bellow so I can send you the picture :grin::two_hearts:
Thank you :two_hearts:


You’re so nice! I’ll gladly give you three or more minutes to answer your rank.

As a good listener, I’m attracted to another good listeners. I like it when someone shows me their genuine interest, if they ask me questions, when I tell them something. I also like it when they’re willing to share their stories or opinion with me and they don’t answer each of my questions just with “idk” or “i’ve never thought about it”, I guess I also am attracted to tolerant people that are open to new stuff and don’t judge others by their looks or something like this. Overall, someone who is comfortable to be around. I guess it’s what everyone likes, but I’m struggling with anxiety and it’s important to me to to feel safe around someone. I personally don’t like hyperactiviry and easily become drained around these kind of people… Hope this helped! :blush:


Hi! Welcome to the forums, I hope you have a good time on here (:
To answer your question, a person is mainly seen attractive, first from their looks because that’s what would make us feel attached and drawn to them. But to me, it’s about the vibe you get from them and having the utmost personality - e.g. I prefer an individual who cares for me during my ups and downs, respect and communication, understands boundaries. What would make someone extremely attractive to me is that take out their time to spend time with me and being a little protective is no harm. Also, I absolutely love people who dress formally or non-like roadman (I’m sorry but I don’t like roadmen), and the delicious perfume/cologne they use :drooling_face:
If they’re flirtatious, that’s a bonus :raised_back_of_hand:
Plus it’s not always about the one who makes you feel nervous, it’s about them making you feel safe and secure with them, knowing that whenever you’re with them, they’ll be by your side all the time. It’s the bare minimum :weary:

Hope this helps! I’d love to answer any questions you might have, including the ranking x :white_heart:



I think for me personally, what makes someone attractive isn’t mostly their looks (Though looks play a tiny part in it) I tend to find someone attractive if they are genuinely nice, if they are loyal and don’t judge people based off of other people’s opinions. Someone who sticks by someone and likes them for their flaws and doesn’t leave someone when they need it most. That’s what I define attractiveness as.

I’ll answer your rank! :blob_sun: :blob_hearts:


I probably judge looks first, but not on a big level. Idk why but I tend to like really skinny guys lol. Like, idc if they work out or do anything like that- I just like skinny. :woman_shrugging: I like shy, kind guys who have a good witty sense of humor. And definitely intelligence too! I like guys who are really into books/literature as well. Because I’m into that so it could be a good common interest. But it could also be like they’re really into math, or history. I like people that are passionate about their interests.


Respects my private space, shares same level of confidence, can take jokes, is always in a good mood


I have high standards but most importantly…

They must love my dog.

On a more serious not they must love my animals and my family. I’m into people who generally show respect and share similar interest. Also who are brave and intelligence not just stupid or a wussy. They must also be a good listener and generally be interested in conversations.


Your points are indeed very important, I definitelly agree that we should feel safe around people. Conversations are such an important thing too. I couldn’t even talk to a person who doesn’t listen or only answers such basic or dry things. To me after answers like that, I start to feel like they have no interest in talking to me, or just anything, really. It’s always nice to have a conversation with someone who, cares listens and shares something they like with others. Thank you so much for your answer! I will also send you a private message :grin::two_hearts:


Your points are definitelly very understandible ant important, I indeed agree to them! Sometimes, when I look at a person, I just feel that they have such a nice energy, and I just want to be around them. Respect is also very important, I could not even be near a person who has a lack of respect or doesn’t understand what ‘no’ means. Safety is such a mandatory. If I don’t feel safe, I feel scared :sweat_smile::grin: Thank you so much for your answer, I will send you a private message :grin::cherry_blossom:


Ooh, I definitelly agree about the judging part. I feel like we shouldn’t even form too big opinion of someone we don’t personally know, or don’t know enough. Loyalty is such a hude need too, I wouldn’t even want to connect with someone knowing they can leave me or forget me after some time. Thank you so much for your answer, I will send you a provate message :grin::dizzy:


I feel like we all have at least a tiny bit of type that we really prefer, and that’s completely fine! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Sense of humor and some brain is a big need to me too :grin::cherry_blossom: Thank you so much for your answer! :cherry_blossom::two_hearts:


Respect is such a big need, if there is a lack of respect, don’t even talk to me :joy: and about taking a joke, I really agree, it’s so hard to communicate with a person who can’t use some joke sometimes. Thank you so much for your answer! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::dizzy:

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Omg I also have a dog, and I indeed agree. You don’t like my dog = you don’t like me. :joy::joy: Respect is such a mandatory, sometimes Idec when I get disrespected, but don’t they dare to disrespect my family. Good conversations are also such an important need, I couldn’t even pretend to be intrested in person if they can’t listen, or keep a convo going, I like effort from both sides equally :grin: Thank you so much for your answer! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::two_hearts:


Welcome to the forums, dear.
It’s a really interesting question, and I’ve actually never been thinking about that a lot.

Now that I read it, I gotta say somehow I feel picky and rude now.
Something that is really attractive to me is intelligence, romantically and generally attracting.
Please don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I would think bad of everyone who might take a bit longer or has any other difficulties in that way, neither do I think or call anyone dumb because who knows why they have any issues.

It’s more like, I prefer to have people around me that can explain things I might don’t know as well be able to learn things they might don’t know easily, because I have to admit at some point I just get kinda annoyed if I have to repeat things too many times.
I know why things are like that for me but I don’t if I could ever change that part of me.
In the end it’s not affecting others (Even if I get annoyed I just don’t show it and I still try my best to help them) so it’s fine I guess.

That’s basically I wouldn’t feel too comfortable with someone like that.


Oh, please don’t feel picky or rude! :dizzy: That is just your preferance, and your opinion, we all have different things that attract us, and it’s perfectly fine! We all like different things, and there is no way you are rude or picky for that! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:⚘ I get what you mean by intelligence, and again, it’s completely fine to like, prefer that. I also prefer someone intelligent, because I would say I am pretty intelligent myself, so I would want to have someone I could talk to about similiar things for example :grin::cherry_blossom: Thank you so much for your answer! :two_hearts::dizzy:


Yeah I definitely have a type/things I prefer! I guess because to me, respect and things like that should be a given so it’s not those values that make someone attractive to me.

And there are also things like comparability and stuff like that. I’d want someone similar to me. Not super similar ofc but similar enough.

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I’m glad you became part of the forums!
For me personally the main things I’m attracted to both romantically and in a friendship way are:

  • Having confidence in themselves and their decisions!
  • Having a really good sense of humour (so you don’t have to worry about them getting offended about a joke - and vice versa)
  • And I’d say one of the most important ones is them being able to accept everyone for whatever they believe or whatever opinions they have without judgement - thats one of my biggest pet peeves, when people start being rude to me or just ice me out because I have different opinions to them :sweat_smile:
  • and if they loves animals ESPECIALLY dogs - thats a bonus :rofl: If not well ig I’ll just have make them love animals tehe

I dont mind ranking the picture for you xx :blob_hearts:
Hope this helped!

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Humor is really attractive.

I’d also say someone who is very caring for others is attractive.


Someone who wires me $500 then never talks to me again. :heart_eyes:

Alright, no, a more serious answer is that they’re passionate about an obscure topic. I love listening to people talk about things they enjoy, especially when I can either learn from it or actively contribute to the discussion with equal interest.

Respecting my boundaries is also important, especially as someone with sensory issues. That’s just basic human decency.

I also like people who aren’t afraid to speak their mind. They’re not rude about it, but are honest. Plus if they can’t bring themselves to outright tell me they like me, I’ll never figure it out because I am Dense.

“Spontaneous and a little weird” is a good general way too describe people I’m interested in. I like people who can be unpredictable, but not in a dangerous way.

Oops I just described my fiancé (except for that first one about giving me money, but hey. Nobody’s perfect.)


Capability. I think this is more a general thing but when people know what they’re doing without being cocky and instead confident about it.

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