What makes a story a good, quality story?

in your opinion, what makes an episode story a good story?

overlays? music?

Sound effects and music aren’t exactly necessary for me, but in some cases they can be very useful for the author to inform the reader that something like a trigger has just been pulled or an alarm was just set off-used as a cliffhanger, otherwise they’re not necessary, just a nice touch. Things like overlays, extras, music these are all subject to what the story entails and if it fits / is necessary to the plot.

Hope this info was useful :wink:

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For me personally, the most important thing is decent spelling and grammar. If there are a lot of errors it gets really distracting and I can’t continue.
I don’t really care about sounds/music as I read with my sound off.
As for directing, I honestly don’t mind how advanced it is as long as it’s clean. So, no visible errors (such as character popping in or walking backwards or standing on top of each other). Fancy directing (such as animated overlays) is a nice touch, but I don’t think it’s needed to make a story good.
I would consider a story to be a good quality story if it has a unique, well thought out plot, no major grammar errors and clean directing.


i am too lmao

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For me a good story has:

  • Good directing
  • 8+ minute chapters
  • At least 3 choices
  • Good grammar
  • A good/interesting plot
  • And it just has to seem like the author tried.

Also, about the overlays and music thing, I never have the volume up and I’ve read many quality stories with no overlays so I don’t think those are a must for me :slightly_smiling_face:


Same here

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