What makes a story a hit

Disclaimer These points are on my perspectives and observations on what makes a good story. This does not mean if you use these tips your story will become a hit nor does this means you have to use these pointers.

Hi everyone its Diamond (episode author/editor) I wanted to share my observations on many of the “hit stories” on episode. I’ve been reading episodes for about 3 years and have been writing for 1 1/2. I divided subject into main topics I think are an important in making your story popular.

The beginning of your story is obviously the most important part of your story because it is suppose to be what hooks your readers. In the beginning use the opportunity to let the reader and your main character (MC) a chance to connect. Be sure to include narrative. This does not mean give a flash back in the first episode because this might confuse the reader if not given clarification or context clues. An example would be in the first Chain Reaction story you got to know Callie as a character or “person.” If you as a writer are not able to connect with your characters than how will your readers? As for character customization it depends on your story, you just have to take a chance with it. Like in Chain Reaction you don’t get to customize Callie but in Rebounding with Storm your allowed to, so you just have to do what you think is right for your story.

Development/ plot
The development through out the story is very important to keep the readers entertained with your characters. Although your story might not be drama make sure you include a little in there just to keep things spicy. I would also make sure that there is an overall story line. Like in the story Maid for You the main part of the story was Madison working for Lincoln’s family to help her mom pay for treatment and in the process Madison and Lincoln falling in love. Throughout your story there should be a journey and antagonist (which is the “bad guy”) the protagonist (the MC(s)) has to face. The antagonist does not have to be a person or a monster and the struggle should be different than the antagonist. Madison’s antagonist would be her mother’s sickness and the struggle or journey Madison went through was trying to get money and go through high-school at the same time. So make sure your MC has a journey, some drama, and an antagonist.

Love interests/twists
Your story does not need to have a love interest although in most hit stories they do . This is probably because you can include a lot of drama and keep the story going with a love interest. In some stories like Adrenaline you get to pick your love interest but in other like Chain Reaction you don’t. Love interest are completely up to you remember this is your story you can make it anyway you want. Most of the hit stories I have read on episode in the past 3 years have cliche but then add there own twist to it depending on there category. Like in wolf stories (fantasy section) most of them have a wolf girl run away because she was abused by her pack then finds her mate who turns out to be the alpha. But then through out their story there is different character development, endings, twists, and drama that happens that then leads away from the cliche part of the story.

I know directing can be a hassle because it can take up to 7 hours for one episode but trust me your fans will love the length and the time you put into your episode. It will show quality and neatness as well as advanced skills the more you put into your directing. But don’t just worry about that, equally put forth the time and effort into the content. And make sure you end every dialogue and narrative with punctuation so your script looks neat. Choices are very important, and could be as simple as an outfit choice it gets the reader engaged with the story. I mean some stories rarely have choices and that’s okay as long as the reader is hooked but personally I love choices but from what I observe, many major authors don’t include many choices other than outfits. This is another factor that you have to decide works best for your story.

Well that’s all the pointers I have so far on what makes an episode a hit. I hoped this help you as you continue writing. If you have any stories you would like for me to read and review drop it in the comments below and if you would like a part two of this make sure to tell me or follow my instagram love.episode.diamonds if you have questions. Remember you should not want to write for reads you should write because it’s something you like to do.

Stories mentioned
~Chain Reaction by Miss Mj
~Rebounding with Storm by S.W. Rose
~MAID FOR YOU by Alex Light
~Adrenaline by Evil Ebonni


Have you written any stories?

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And yea I have but I am still in the developing process. These are just my observations of hit stories.

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Yea of course, I have two I am working on one is published its called The Right Choice and the other is going to be published on Friday and its called Her. The Right Choice is a murder mystery and Her is Romance.

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