What makes a story **really** interesting?

What makes a story really interesting?

abeve all is good writing without it mo matter how unique plot or directing people will not like it.

When you know how to write really good than the second is the directing make it interesting dinamic

Third I would cay CC and meaningfull choices so the reader has feeling he is creating the story


ok thank you! :orange_heart:

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Wow that was actually really good advice :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


First of all - the right genre. I personally love romance.
Secondly - the story must be easily followed. Lines and animations must flow with the right speed. Too slow and i’m out. Too fast and it’s not easy to follow.
Thirdly - the story must make sense. It must be logical otherwise there will be so many unanswered quiestions. Choiches must matter!
Fourth - amount of chapters and their lenght. For me 2000 lines is perfect. Stories over 5000 lines is a big no no for me. Perfect amount of chapters is up to 35-40. If really good story then maybe 50.
FIFTH - Extremely important!!! Do not publish your story until you have at least 10 chapters of fully proofread, grammar checked, etc chapters. It sounds hard but it will benefit for good! I usually hate waiting new chapters so i prefer stories that are complete.
Sixth - effordless. Dont force it.
Seventh - nice art. Art ia art but nothing can compete with real professional art scenes.
And last but not least - amount of choiches in one chapter. Have at least 3. This is the reason behind the EPISODE CHOOSE YOUR OWN STORY. :wink:
For more advice :



thank you!! :orange_heart:

What I’d say is this:
-Art is great but don’t worry about it bc to have super realistic art it usually costs money and that may not be something you are willing to do. So don’t worry too too much about art.
-Be sure to develop the characters throughout the story.
-Be sure to check over grammar bc too many mistakes can get annoying, however you may not be English so if that’s the case have someone else review it.
-Don’t have to many sex scenes bc that’s not really what this is for.
-Personally I don’t mind not having CC bc it’s your vision of the story. However if you don’t offer CC add edited poses, descriptions of characters, just to make it all worth it ya know.
-Choices: I would say to add about 3 choices per episode and I’m not talking about clothing. Even if you have one ending still add some choices to the reader feels like they are apart of the story still.
-Good Directing and dialogue (if it’s not important then maybe don’t add it)
-Personally I’m tired of seeing the LI think they aren’t good enough for the MC and run off. :confounded::roll_eyes:
-Length: I would agree w @Summi here. 2000 lines is enough. I don’t like reading a story that takes 20 minutes bc it’s just drawn out and most of the stuff in that story are pointless. However I cannot stand when an episode is only 5 minutes bc it makes me feel as though I wasted a ticket. I would say aim for about 30-40 chapters. I don’t like when a story has 10 chapters bc it feels rushed. Same thing when a story has 70-100 chapters. Those usually repeat themselves and have pointless chapters where nothing is done.

Whew man I just wrote a lot. Sorry.
If you need more advice feel free to PM me


thank you! :orange_heart:

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Good directing. It’s ok if it’s not so advanced, but the directing has to be smooth.
Also choices that have an impact.
Remember that an interesting MC can do so much.

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I personally like it when you can see the story through different eyes. What I’m basically saying is that it need to be well-rounded and each character needs to have a different point of view that adds some quality to the story. Change it up a bit! Have different opinions, different beliefs, etc. Don’t just make it white and black. Hope that helped! :purple_heart: :purple_heart:

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