What makes a story the WORST episode story ever written? XD

We all have read these stories.

What are THE WORST features, characteristics, and cliches you’ve read in an episode story?

I think my personal favorite is the cliche mean girl who’s determined to bring down the MC and steal their love interest for literally no reason whatsoever XD


love triangle with the good guy the mc’s known for years an finally admits he likes her and the abusive “bad boy” who the mc’s enemy has a crush on that’s cliche asf

@EX064IG oooooof you’re so right!! I feel like that’s every other story on the romance shelf >__>


Probably Mary Sues or Gary Stu characters. I need to see character development!

@Belpix 100% agree! Flat characters are just so boring and hard to relate to. I love when an author can create a character one way at the beginning of a story, then have them progress/regress by the end!

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Iridecent by Indigo is a perfect example of a dynamic character… i literally cried four times while reading it


@Belpix I’ve never heard of that story! I’ll definitely add that to my favorites shelf, thank you!

“The Curse of Charlie” by Sarah Kieser is also a great example of character development. I’ve read that story so many times!

You have to read Iridecent right now! Indigo just finished it and I think i mentally adopted the characters

I’m pretty sure The Curse of Charlie was one of the stories that stepped me out of my comfort zone of reading specifically romance. I haven’t read it in a while. I think I read it twice

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@Belpix I’m really excited to read this now!! Thank you <3

Np! I’m sure you’ll love it :smiley:

Dunno if it’s nessacirlly cliche but,
Twisting weather for romantic purposes.
“BuT tHe WeAtHeR kNoWs ThEy BeLoNg ToGeThEr!”
No the world won’t rain when break up mk.

Misrepresentation of mental illnesses, the LGBT+, medical diagnosis, etc.


@jazzysab13 YES! This right here. I’m constantly disappointed by the ignorance of people. It’s understandable to not know everything, especially about topics like these, but if you’re going to write about it, then research it!

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@MG_789 BAHAHA you’re so right!! You already kow what’s going to happen the second the clouds come out and it starts raining.

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  1. Stories where the girl’s only life goal is to change a bad boy.
    2.Stories where you only get to change the clothes of a character, like what’s the point of an interactive story if you don’t get any choices?
  2. Stories with bad grammar. It isn’t that hard to use the right time forms!
  3. Stories where the main character gets bullied for no reason

Theres never a good rainy day in episode.
A (they breakup)
B (someone died)
C (The MC is reflecting be on her tragic past.)

@Duckling Oh yes, I completely agree.

  1. Not just girls, but PEOPLE need a greater purpose for living other than changing someone.
  2. Stories with basic directing aren’t bad, but if the only interactivity is changing outfits… oof. Like, come on… You need at least some choices in there, even if they aren’t severely consequential. I understand that some writers prefer the narration style, but a majority of readers on episode prefer interactive stories.
  3. Bad grammar is actually one of my worst pet peeves. A lot of writers on episode don’t speak English as their first language, which tends to result in poor grammar. Although that’s understandable, rather than just writing it off in a beginning author’s note of, “sorry for my grammar,” people should take advantage of all the grammar checking tools, and the forums to find proofreaders/editors. I’m the proofreader for one of my best friends on episode, and he speaks French as his first language. What makes me mad though is when someone does speak the native language they write in and they STILL have bad grammar!
  4. Bullying is a sensitive topic as is, and unfortunately when people write about bullying without any rhyme or reason, it makes light of the topic. It’s hard to take bullying seriously in the stories where the classic “bullies” pick on the MC for no reason.

@MG_789 oh no, wait you–forgot the classic #4

–someone’s about to die or be attacked XD


Maybe I am making a big deal out of nothing… (Sorry, I’ve done it before) but like love at first sight, or when a character kisses after meeting someone 5 seconds ago. It’s legit Disney all over again. There is no building to that moment, its just BAM ROMANCE.

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Also, like when the mood doesn’t match the story. When there is a murder or something really dark and the story starts like OH MY GOODNESS WOHOO A PARTY YAS GURL YAH! Lets go to the club! Let’s get icecream! Heres my bf! AHH WOHOOO

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