What makes an amazing story?

I am working on a story that I am pre-writing before publishing. I only have 4 episodes done, and my story is in the drama genre, with romance as a subplot. As all author readers, I want to write as well as I can, and I want my story to appeal to readers on a deep level. I want my readers to love the characters, stay hooked, and learn something from my story. What are some do’s and don’t’s of writing stories on Episode other than just coding and spot directing? Tell me what you think :slight_smile:. Happy writing everyone!


More interactive choices! Add as many options as possible to make the reader actually included in the story. This is the best option to make your story better if you’re writing a drama, romance, comedy or action story!
Art visuals! Show not tell! Show the scene by vivid character animations, overlays, props, outfits, backgrounds etc


Thank you! I try to always show instead of tell when I have long narrations. Thank you for the advice! I’ll try to add more choices. How many choices would you say is good per chapter? I try to aim for at least 3 choices. Also, do you think customizing a character counts as one choice?

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Yes I think it should count, but more interactive choices as what the characters want to say or act. The choices don’t need to be anything major it could be a way the MC thinks, talks or does. I think about 3 should be fine, or 4, not including outfit choices


Thank you! I’m definitely going to add more choices.

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Thank you SO much! I really appreciate that, and that was useful! I was worried about my characters sounding unrealistic, because my story is supposed to resemble the mid 1800s in England. However, I tried to add some diversity in their speech.


Hi directing is one thing but even if you would be the best director of all if the writing istels will not be good the story will not be interesting for reader.

How ever tihs is hard to exlain how to do it.
Stor has to have the right speed…not too rush that will confuze the reader and he will not enjoy it, but also not to slow which will make him bored.

What I reccomand you as a writer should skonw all the characters- you should know thinhgs about htwem you even are not intendind to show in the story.because if you know them really well (like if they are old friends of yours) you know how they think and how thay react in certain situations and you natiurally are able to write memorable characters…lot of writers son know how to do it how to show the sof nuances in the personalities and even after 3 episodes I sometimes have the feeling like if the characters are all the same.

You must build up readers connection to the chracters…he must somehow like the main character. Even the MC doesnt have to be good person, there still must be something why reader shouls sympatyse with MC…sometimes writers try to write sassy character but make her so unplesantly bitchy that thay actually make me hate her and stop reading the story. As good example is Loky from Avengers.he is more like bad guy than good guy…but he was played so well that even so you kinda have to like him…

Care for the consistenci of character behavior…or if you need him or her act out of his character make sure it make sence…example I have read in one story…it was attempt of another mafia story…MC is seller in shop where comes guy with gun wanting money…she is totaly cool not fearing him at all even he shootes in the shop (which was weird but I thought OK she is some kind of super cool hero girl?) but than he lold her to come with him and she the bave one suddenly goes like sheep even she “knows” he will not hurt her…that was so confuzing and unrealistic…

Being realistic:) Be carreful if you write about something you do not know much- this goes especially to young writers who fail often in describing the life of adults …or if you write about profession you do not know much how it realy works…kids will maybe not see it but all the adult readers will see hou unrealistic it is. If you need to write about something you are not much familiar with - make research…like if you write about ite manager try to find somebody who will explain you more in detail what the job is exactly about.
Give informations to reader in interesting way throung scenes and dialogues that he will not even notice that you are trying to give him some informations.

lot of authorsd do one mistake . thay start story with narrator telling reader something like "This is Nell the main character of the story, she is 18 and just moved to tis city and today is her first day at school.

But all of this info can be given through scenes.like morning with parents who ask her if she is looking forwart to new school atc…there are milion creative ways how to give informations to reader, but narrator is for sure not creative.:slight_smile:

Avoid authors intro if possible - especially the weird seemingly funny one or the one where the authors apologizes for tah its his first story atc…reader is n ot interested is authors explanation why the story is not excelent, he simply wants good story not excuses. :slight_smile:


Well I know that we all have our own opinions but nobody can really help you I realized this bescause it all has to come from everyone and remember us on earth can not please everyone I have learned this not everyone will like your story or like your ending or character and all this knowledge were giving you is just mainly opinions so just i know its hard i have had writers block for a while and I’M working on my story Risk Taker.


Thank you so much! That really helps me. I appreciate it a lot! Have a good day. :slight_smile:

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Yes, that’s true. Thanks, I’ll remember that. I just wanted to hear people’s opinions and their advice. Overall, most people have been giving me the same advice/tips, which has all been super helpful. Good luck with writing your story! :slight_smile:

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Oh man this is a great topic :heavy_heart_exclamation:

This might be… contrarian to popular opinion.
And I am probably a hypocrite (because I focus so much on perfecting my directing, which I’m trying to quit :sweat:)— but as I’ve gone along and read a bunch of episode stories, I have realized the ones that stick to me strongly are the ones with the BEST writing.

Stories that have out of this world directing only get so far. Doing cool directing is a plus, but if that’s the only means of impact your story has, then it’s only engaging in one way.

For a story to be really spectacular, it has to be engaging in both writing and directing. Which sounds hard because it is. I don’t think there are many stories that have a good balance of both, and the ones that do really get noticed.

So what does good writing entail? I think it requires the writer to really understand their character, to get lost in the world of their story as if THEY’RE the MC making all the choices. Because if the writer can immerse themselves in their writing, then the player undoubtedly will too.

One distinguishable way to tell if a story is good is if the dialogue is realistic. Does it sound awkward? Like, would anyone really say that sentence in real life? This is probably the hardest aspect of writing dialogue for some people who aren’t native English speakers.

Also, character development. Does the MC make the right call each and every time… as if the epitome of perfection? You might have a Mary-Sue on your hands and no one can relate to them, so you best change it up. It’s not a realistic personality. Your character should have flaws, but they also shouldn’t make the wrong choice at every fork in the road. That’s equally aggravating.

Actually; any time an action advancing or defining the story plot takes place should be the time you allow the reader to make a choice. Because every choice the user makes has to impact the story; the next scene, the relationships, the ending… etc. If you’re only creating outfit choices, then the story is… sorry to say, the cheapest form of interaction episode stories can get. :slightly_frowning_face:

Apart from these, I would say: consistency in plot (absolutely no plot-holes) and knowledge of the topics mentioned (if the MC in your story is majoring in biology — it’s in your story’s best interest to research about biology and add some dialogue surrounding that to make your plot sound realistic…).


Thank you so much! That’s great advice! I’ll definitely keep that in mind when I’m writing. I really appreciate it!!! :slight_smile:

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Three things that make a good story in general:

Character Development:
Some people write stories in episode without thinking about what makes each character different. It’s so important that you have good character development because it’s how your readers grow attached to your story, and it’s how they contribute to the plot.
The personalities contribute to the plot. They react in different ways, so they’ll act different ways. This makes a BIG impact on the plot. Someone who’s only known the feeling of abandonment their whole life will react differently than someone who has never had that experience. Some authors make all of their characters talk and react the same way, so it’s difficult to differentiate each character, and tell what’s so special about them. You need to know their background in order to know what makes them different.

If you have a story with no main problem, it won’t be successful. For example, if I’m writing a story about horror, your audience expects horror. So randomly adding a problem that has no contribution or connection to your story may lose the attention of your audience. You’ve ever heard of some people complaining about how a story feels dragged on? Exactly. Throwing random conflicts don’t make it interesting, it makes it stale. You want to know why you;re making this story, what you’re trying to say, and how will you convey it?

Syntax and Grammar:
Your syntax contributes to character development and plot development. How you write is how you reveal important information! By combining certain words, you can imply how each character feels. You can even foreshadow danger, imply the plot, etc. This is how you get your readers to think. The way you write is how you make your audience think. For example, mystery! People who write mystery cannot just explain certain things right away. They imply and slowly add clues into their dialogue to get their audience to think! Your grammar is also super important! It’s difficult to understand how the character is speaking if you don’t have proper grammar.

Three things that make a good episode story:

Advanced directing is much better than basic because you’re able to do more. By doing more, you can convey more to your audience. You are also more likely to capture the attention of your audience if you use advanced directing. This shows the work you put into it. Good stories are not quick and easy. Good stories require time, planning, and that includes the directing.
By showing your audience how much work you’ve put into a story, not only does it enhance their reading experience, but they will be impressed, and maybe even appreciate the work.

Overlays allow more emphasis on your story. It also allows you to convey more things. In episode, the directing is veryyyy limited compared to actual movies. Sometimes, you can’t show certain things because there’s no animations or props for it. That’s why with the use of overlays, you can show more. It’s all about capturing the attention of your audience.

You can make your audience engage more into your story if you add choices that matter – or choices in general. People who like choices that matter, but there’s nothing wrong in adding a few choices that don’t have a lot of impact. Sometimes, your audience doesn’t want to react a certain way to information given, so adding in a few choices where your audience is allowed to choose how they want to react without it contributing to the plot is okay. However, if you truly want to capture your audience like a fish on a hook, choices that matter go a very long way.


Oh my gosh, thank you so much for this!!! You’re amazing. I can tell you applied all of those skills into your story! I finished writing episodes 1-4 of my unpublished story. (Maybe not finished yet, because I’m sure there’s always more I can add or things I can improve.) I’d love it if you could read it and tell me your thoughts! But you don’t have to at all. I can message you the link if you want. :slight_smile:

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Thank you sm you’re so nice :pleading_face: :blob_hearts:
Send it to me girl! I’d love to proofread it for you <3

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I’ve read so many Episode stories but the best one’s are when writers do write from their heart and do involve things they love and are interested in in real life. You can really feel it while reading it.
I like multiple love interests, but I think it’s better they appear in the MC’s life one after the other and not all at once. This way the reader can build a connection with all of them.
I love long Episode stories with 40-60 chapters which are taking time to building up the plot and not rushing to the end.
Choosing Outfits and changing hairstyle of the MC every episode is fun and just awesome.
Choices are great, they don’t need to be huge or meaningful all the time but I just love this interactive part.


Thank you so much! That was super helpful.

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