What Makes An Episode Love Interest Attractive?

Trying to see what love interests meet the preferences of the demographic that uses episode. So please let me know what makes you find an Episode Love Interest attractive. List some qualities.

Thank you in advance :two_hearts:


If the LI actually trusts his loved ones - like the MC, and doesnt jump to conclusions.
Portraying caring, sweet qualities. Showing respect and treating women all good, not just the MC bc he likes her. A bad boy/good guy, bad guy but not toxic or possessive.



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Def hot and heavy flirting, doing things to show you’re interested/care for me like planning dates, giving flowers or other gifts.

Short Answer

I like LIs that are bold, honest, attentive, and ambitious. I’m usually drawn to anarchist types :thinking::pirate_flag::fist:t4:

Longer answer

I have preferences, of course; but I’ve found myself falling in love with characters I never expected to because of how sincere and well-written their interactions were. What really wins me over isn’t necessarily the person or personality but moreso the chemistry they have with the MC.

Can’t have too many sparks flying with a flower so you need to give your LI more than a pretty body and a pretty name. It’s hard, but you need to build a sufficient character—strengths, weaknesses, hobbies, backstory, preferences, etc.—before exploring how they would interact with the MC. I think a lot of LIs fall flat because authors create a main character and then fashion a LI to fill in the gaps. This leads to having two archetypal characters with polar opposite personalities whose only compatible traits are their unfounded attraction for the other. If we the reader can see how the LI challenges, cares for, complements, and (story-permitting) betters our character, chances are we’ll fall for them alongside the MC.


Love this :two_hearts: thanks for replying

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Good points. I like :two_hearts: thanks for replying

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So helpful! Thanks for replying. The longer explanation has impacted my approach here on out. I appreciate it :two_hearts::relaxed:

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I like when a love interest is a bit mysterious. Not too much but I like a little bit of a chase. If he’s too available romantically right away, I tend to lose interest. Unless I go in aware that the story is a very quick, hot and heavy type of love story.

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Thanks! I appreciate your response. That’s good to know!

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