What makes an Episode story so good?

Let me know what YOU think makes a great story from great coding to good plot or even choices! :blob_hearts:


i love stories with a slow burn omd :pray:t5: i also love stories that make me cry and want to fight the fictional characters (but for good reason not bc the mc is dumb and helpless), uhh i love aesthetic stories too like ones with really good directing and coding like as i’m writing this i have a couple stories in mind but like some stories have rly nice directing and it just kinda makes the story feel so??? delicate??? i love realistic stories ones where u can relate to the characters and feel their pain and bonus for when the author knows how to present hard topics in a tasteful and well educated manner. . . also bonus point for inclusion of races whilst avoiding harmful stereotypes and giving them depth as a character . . . yeah :heart:


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I like stories that aren’t too romance heavy. Like they can have romance but it shouldn’t over power the story. I like ones that aren’t afraid to swear or be a little edgy when appropriate. I also love custom made animations and directing where you are like “How did they do that?”