What makes Episode stories funny?

I’m personally a fan of fourth wall breaks or when it zooms in reaaally far in the character’s face (as long as I can still see the speech bubble), but I know some people don’t like that, so what do all of you find funny in stories?
Edit: I’d love it if you added an example of a joke, as I like to laugh at the weird stuff people put in their stories


when they say something that doesn’t make sense in any possible way (dirty sexy teenagers) or any vine or meme references :joy:


Love some meme references!


Ugh I’m too old to know any memes hahahhaha


I need someone to make a story and name a character Bitch plz and just have her popping up and saying that


Hahaha that’s funny


Yeet’s a good one

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Character names and outfits are funny for me

like Griana Arande who looked exacty like the celebrity she os sort of named after
or the fairy bro from this story making fun of cliches that I can’t remember


oh yeah the fairy bro, I remember him

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Honestly, the dialogue and scenarios for me :blush:


What’s some good examples or that? I’m curious lol

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That’s hard to answer.

I agree with this.

My answer would be: It depends on dialogue and I like when the author isn’t trying to hard to be funny. You can tell when they are trying to hard vs when it’s natural.


That answer’s vague to me though, it’s like going to a fortune teller and having them say your life will be filled with events and situations

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The thing is there are many reasons on how dialgoue can be funny and what one finds funny another might not. But I do believe dialogue needs a lot of appreciation, it can make us choke on our drinks sometimes.

You asked this. You didn’t say something like “give specific details” so I told you what I find funny, overall. Dialogue, when it makes me laugh. And scenarios can be hilarious if you find them funny.


That’s fair, I suppose

Yep :+1:

Should I edit it to ask to be more specific or will people just get more annoyed with me than they usually are?

It’s your thread, you can do whatever you wish, so long as it’s within guidelines :+1:

I agree with both of you.

@Kittimu, humour is a subjective thing so it’s pretty hard to tell what everyone would find funny, but to me the dialogues are the most important in a comedy story. I don’t laugh at the dancing animations, outfits, zooms and stuff anymore, because we’ve already seen those thousands of time.
And of course all comedy authors are trying to be funny, but yes, you can tell when they are trying it too hard. Random jokes usually don’t work for me, I prefer when they are well-timed, fit the scene and fit the character. The latter is also very important! The simplest sentence can be hilarious in the right context and if it is said by the right character.

I can’t really give you specific examples, because as I said, it often depends on the context. But if you are looking for some inspiration, I would suggest you to watch a lot of sitcoms and/or reread your favourite comedy stories on Episode, then try to understand the correlation between the funniest scenes and the characters’ personality.


I find things like these funny:

(Don’t call me evil, he’s a b*tch lol)