What makes or breaks a story?

What tropes, plotlines, character personalities etc. can make or break a story for you?


Probably when the author declares it finished until he or she continues it again to continue the life of the MC. I find it boring afterward. Especially if the MC has kids, then the author writes the kid’s life in the same story. Stories like that break a story.

When it becomes unrealistic sometimes or when the LL becomes manipulative, cough gang stories cough, and the MC is too blind that the love of her life is controlling her.

I have so much more, but these are the main ones that I sometimes see.


Haha thanks for sharing the thread. It’s very true cliche’s do ruin stories but with slight changes you can use them. For instance the cliche highschool (Queen bee trying to take over and “cute” boys that you hate then fall for) can be used if used correctly. For instance take a cliche story like that and put it in a different genre.
Story 1: You are trying to take over the highschool and defeat the queen bee to make the school all inclusive. You meet a boy, at first he’s cruel and stupid but you grow to love him you see something in him that’s almost human.He finds blackmail on you and you argue. <-------- This is a cliche and it can really ruin a story to have a plot like this.


Story 2: You are a lady in French Court. When the Queen goes mad you must start a coup to defeat her and bring back the beauty and originality of your country. By doing so you must deal with the pressures of royal status. The lords believe you must answer to them and one particular one has found blackmail on your past… blackmail that could destroy your reign. With the help of your wife/husband (the king/queen consort) You defeat him. <-------- Having already made relationships are a welcome change! It also means you don’t have to write the whole blegh falling in love thing that takes about 12 episodes to happen. Having this technical language (like king consort, french court, reign) makes it seem more real as well. Do your research!

That’s how you can use the tropes. If your ever worried about using a trope try converting it to a different genre (like I did above converting from highschool romance to fantasy). It can make a huge difference!

My last piece of advice is to ask someone who reads a lot of episode, not a writer. Asking someone who reads tells you what readers like. The best place to find readers only is on Instagram. Make an episode instagram account and follow review accounts and message some. They will always be happy to help!
Gl Xx