What makes stories more interesting



What does a story have to include to get you interested, should it have long chaps, should it be sad, dramatic share your thoughts


Well developed characters that feels believable. A story that makes sense and doesn’t feel rushed. Then for me personally I tend to avoid stories that include the “classic” epsiode tropes such as teacher, bad boy, gangster romance and/or pregnancy stories.


I agree completely - the things you mentioned were exactly the problems with my older version of my story and I changed that up in my revamp!


As long as you stick with an original plot, good directing: I’m intrigued like a baby mama and child support.


I think the chapters shouldn’t be super short, but shouldn’t drag on for ages. Like other people in this thread, I tend to avoid ‘bad boy’ stories or gross teacher romances. I look for the unique ones with lots of choices and diversity!


Agree and disagreen , as bad boy stories are almost everywhere. Unique ones capture the mind and imagination.


I think the chapter length should be a happy medium, what draws me is the quality of writing, chemistry between characters, super advanced directing does supply a wow factor but if it supplemented with fantastic writing it is a recipe for success. Humour is another thing I appreciate as well.