What makes story clishe?

Some stories I read at begging look amazing and cool but then latter,story starts to be clishe.
I don’t what that to.happen to my story.
What makes story clishe?

I know what makes story clishe I’m not stupid_ BUT I also want to know what makes story clishe for YOU :face_with_monocle:

because some people find any love interests clishe or when you add funny friends or brothers,idk

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A cliche story usually consists of drama and bad boy love interests. Sometimes gangs and usually teachers, too. Mostly they’re based in schools.

Tbh I feel like I’m literally describing my story rn oops hahaha!

I mean, cliche stories aren’t so bad if you’re into that soppy stuff. It’s unoriginial, but hey, no story is exactly the same, right? That means that people’s opinions on stories are different. So cliche means something different to anyone, but usually they consist of the factors I mentioned above haha

For me here are some cliches:
When MC fall for the “bad” boy even though he threated her like a shit.
When MC falls in love with her teacher
When there are love triangles

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Yep,those are some worst clishe stories described right there.
And also nerd changes into bad girl.

Lol yess

I guess what makes a story cliche for me is when I can predict exactly what’s going to happen because I’ve read the same story line so many times… I’ve done this before and I’ve gotten it right like 9/10 times lol. If it’s predictable, then yeah, I’d say chances are it’s cliche, especially if the story has to do with mafia leaders or badboys. Like, you already know that the MC is going to be the one to magically “fix” this dude, and then later on have his baby.

surprise! :tada:



Lol :joy:

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"fix" Yea and she will probably run away for a year and then return with their baby.

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Are u talking about Chain Reaction?

Well,not really.
But that story was kinda cool. :joy:
But that was before I read 100 fucking clishe gang stories.

For second I thought you were talking about Chain Reaction btw one of my favourite stories :joy:

But yeah I think cliches mainly ruined my interest for romance stories…

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Almost all the bad boy stories on episode

And why is the female character almost always so weak and dumb? :unamused::joy:


-bad boys
-teacher romance
-love triangles, they’re just not likely
-main characters with zero personality
-nerds turning into the most amazing person in school
-love interest that makes the main character feel terrible
-main character was never noticed until the love interest came along