What makes the episode community so problematic?

A lot of people say talking about authors or critiquing authors writing skills is what makes this community so problematic, but in my opinion people not being open to others opinions is what make this community so problematic we all need to learn to accept others opinions and at the same time be able to hold people accountable without death threats.

We all have our own beliefs you do not have to agree with what someone else beliefs but at least respect their opinion unless it’s racist, homophobic, or making fun of religion try to see the other person’s perspective then maybe just maybe we can all come together and uplift one another.


To me, it’s people supporting problematic/toxic themes, behavior, authors, and situations. Authors who will send their fans to attack you because you called them out for something that shouldn’t been happening, in the first place. Glorifying and romanticizing themes that shouldn’t be. All of these is what makes the community problematic. Amongst, the bottom half that you stated. Episode themselves is why this community is problematic. They are part of the problem, I should say.*


Yeah! I have seen so many threads about problematic threads, especially about that one story Loco Amor?? And then I have seen threads about how good it is and the people who think it’s problematic come at them?? like I feel like half the time, people are just coming at each other for liking a specific story. Just learn to respect and accept other people’s opinion, More than a billion people live on this planet, not everyone is going to agree with everything.


Racism is a huge issue in this community. There are other issues, but I’m amazed by the amount of casual racism in these forums & in actual episode stories too. I agree with both of you, though.


Yes, episode can be very biased towards certain issues also if an author on episode is writing a story, then they proceed to use a racial slur in their story, then claim they didn’t know what the word mean’s is bullshit only an idiot would use a word without knowing the meaning and a person’s age does not excuse ignorance.


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