What makes you addicted to a story ?!

Soo I am writing a new story it cannot be really my first coz I tried several times but didn’t continue for some reason so I really want to ask you what makes you like a story and wait for the passes to refile so you can read it ?!!
By the way…the story that I am currently writing is a gang kind story but not the typical one we know :blush::blush:

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i would NEVER be able to put a topic in the right category :sweat_smile:
thanks for your help

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• Good dialogue, that flows nicely and makes sense in scene
• Believable character traits
• clear and understandable plot
• cliffhangers

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What makes me addicted is when there’s an actual goal or task I’m the story. If there’s some kind of mystery where we eventually figure out the answer.

I don’t really get eager to read stories that just show someone’s day to day life, but if there’s a clear point to the story then that’s what will make me wait for passes.