What makes you as a reader stop reading a story? (Help for starting a new story) 🌷

I’d be thankful for every response regarding my question. Thank you for your time. :rose:


This thread’s response is in fact for tips, incase I wan’t to make a story in the future. (As well as others who need advice on this topic). :tulip:

Hey! Good luck on your story!
This is a long list so be prepared.
(This may have turned into a what annoys me thing)

  • Basic plot line with no uniqueness.
  • Bad directing.
  • When dialogue has really bad grammar./ Or When Every Word Is Like This.
  • When the character makes stupid choices.
  • When the story has no character development or just development. (I won’t waste my time on a story that doesn’t go anywhere.)
  • When the “Good ending” is by spending gems.

I could list so much more but I’ll spare you.
If you need any help with anything, let me know! :heart:


honestly for me two things that make me stop reading are when the plots predictable (keep me on my toes!!) and when the chapters end in boring spots. i love when chapters end on a cliffhanger and im intrigued to read more (cliffhangers also help so your reader is thinking about your story throughout the day). if a story ends in a boring spot, i find myself not even wanting to read the next chapter because i don’t really care what happens next.


A few things for me are some story that’s exactly like others by that I mean you see another story same thing different title, for example I don’t really like high school stories because they’re all the same as you fall for the bad boy or the bad boy falls for you, I also stop reading when I get bored or I’m able to predict things easily , I like when something happens unexpectedly every few mins or something happens that you wouldn’t see coming in the story, this is why I like mafia and vampire stories because it keeps me expecting the unexpected in a way

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Cliché bad boy
Bad grammar
Boring plot and overly done narrations.

I like original concepts, keeping me on my toes, not being able to predict what’s coming… I prefer action, adventure ,fantasy… I never read mafia.

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Love trinagles
Rushed feelings and for example like when they just meet they are like "there’s something about him that make me feel connected to him " things like these get me so upset because i’m saying you literally just meet the person

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