What makes you drawn to a story?

the cover makes me look, the description makes me open op the first chapter

a bad or wage description often turn me away. I wanna know what I am getting into.

leaving the past behind I am going on a journey to wonder I never could imagine

I am running away from home because I have an abusive family, but I didn’t expect this would lead me to a magic realm

many people care about grammar. me not as much since we can’t all be English experts. of course to bad grammar, I cant handle. but usually, if the grammar reaches the point me not wanting to read, it’s usually not the stories only problem.

bad directing. basic is fine. I prefer to advance. but as long as there aren’t any mistakes it won’t turn me away

dont live up to what it promised. it can be that what was promised in the description is not happening. or its a fantasy story, but its basically just romance with magic elements. if your story is more a secondary genre than the one you put it in a move its genre to that one. talking about all those twilight copies, you arent fantasy stories. or mafia love stories you arent action stories or thriller your romance go over to the genre where you belong

also just that the story is bad. sometimes people just can figure out how to put a story together. that is often a thing there can be helped with a few beta readers before you publish.

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If theres absolutely no punctuations i dont wanna read it i’ll click off in 0.00002 seconds


I get what you’re trying to say there. For me, I would also like to be the main character if I was offered to customize my character. And yes, for the first chapter I would like to know what is the main plot (the basis) of the story so that I can aspect of what will come, but of course a little twist in the middle are also awesome !!

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yes !! it’s about balance ! writing a story that stays gripping and entertaining for its entirety is very difficult and i think that’s what slips the mind of a lot of episode writers , because of how long and slow the process is of writing on episode lmao

I see !! A good cover is the first attraction for us to click right ?

By advance directing, do you prefer tappable customization? Or something like menu page? Or do you prefer the usual one?

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Hahahahha even the full stop?? I sometimes don’t really realized if there’s a full stop or not. But if there’s no question mark but the character is asking question…that’s a major turn off for me.

Yeah totally. Because I think, in the middle of writing the coding… they will somehow forgot what they want to story-tell in the first place. I suggest, plan out the entire story first is the key right?


that dosent really matter for me. what I mean advance is directing in the story, meny and cc could I not care less about

yes !!! THIS !!! i usually wing it when writing and do not plan at all but when ur entire story is carried by coding and is portrayed primarily by visuals … THEY have to be your primary focus, which can be distracting. so yes a written story plan is in order

Ohh are you a write?? What story did you wrote? Mind to share ?

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I see! Thank your for sharing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Simple, if I can connect with the character and doesn’t have unnecessary scenes. :smiley:

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I just had to say that you worded that really well, exactly my opinion as well!

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100% agreed !!
Unnecessary scenes can bore us faster right?

Yeah! I think every scene has to be made with a goal: getting a relationship with a character, getting to the main problem etc.


Thank you for sharing !! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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At the beginning of each Episode I kind of like opening covers or opening scenes before the story. It kind of makes it feel like an anime, or tv show which I find really interesting. A few examples would be like College of Eternity and The Elf King’s Quest by Sophia, The Gamer Girl and Moonlit Feathers by Wincy, The Clumsy Super Girl by Marion and more but those would be my favorite examples.

Just smooth transitions of introducing the character, their back story, and upcoming characters.

I’m not sure if you can do it anymore or just it’s not done that much, but a small minor detail I like is when the descriptions keep changing each chapter you read telling like what could happen in the next chapter. Kind of gets me ready for the next chapter or makes me bummed out that I’m out of tickets. :laughing::sob:

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