What makes you happy/thankful?

Hi guys! To those of you who have seen me ask questions on the forums before- I waited for Thanksgiving to ask this week’s question:

What makes you happy?

Yes, I am aware that the generic question for Thanksgiving is, ”What are you thankful for?”, but generally that leads to answers like “family,” “friends,” “food and shelter,” and such (which obviously aren’t bad answers, but I wanted to change it up a bit). Of course, if that’s your answer, then please elaborate as to why! It’s always good to specifically remind yourself :)) So instead, I’m asking for what makes you happy.

For instance, a lot of things make me happy.


But the first thing that came to my head was the feeling that being in the city gives me. It makes me feel alive and I love the feeling of a busy city. I hardly get the opportunity to see the city, but when I do, for the most part I love it. Ice cream also makes me happy. Dogs make me happy. Decorating for Christmas makes me happy. And so much more :))

Feel free to talk about anything as long as it’s related to the question. Your feelings and thoughts will not be invalidated. You can share stories that relate to your answer.

  • Be kind to others!
  • Be understanding of others!
  • I may PM people or I’ll actually reply to them on the thread. This is for both privacy reasons and because I don’t want to “clutter” up the thread. Additionally, if I think that my words may be useful to more than one person, I may choose to reply on the thread :))

Why am I doing this?


Well, for a couple of reasons. Partly for psychology purposes and partly to bring people together. We should all remind ourselves of what makes us happy and thankful, especially on Thanksgiving! This thread is also to hopefully bring happiness to those who may be forgetting what makes them happy, because I’m currently in that situation and I needed a reminder.

Last note, if anybody needs to talk, PM me! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Helping people, writing, daydreaming, reading, going on the forums, seeing people help others and drinking warm tea while reading the news :blob_sun:


when someone who i haven’t talked to in awhile takes time to talk to me, or acknowledge me. just when they show they care. it makes me feel really excited and hopeful.


Spending time with family makes me happy as well as having a roof over my head and food in my house.

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The ability to do the sports I enjoy, access to the Internet, family, friends, food, and good teachers and Coaches.

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the holidays, just in general. YE, i might be jewish, but that doesn’t mean I can’t feel that warm fuzzy feeling while

  • being a secret santa
  • playing white elephant
  • eating christmas food
  • decorating a christmas tree
    and just celebrating :slight_smile:
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