What makes you hooked on a story?

I’ve read some post about what makes loose interest in a story.

But my question is what makes you hooked on a story or what makes you wanna read more?

Especially in the first chapter, what would you like to see?


Great communication between the main character and love interest and the main character(s) having flaws. Also for some reason, I like seeing the antagonist win (doesn’t matter if it’s just for a moment or the ending). When the main character and/or the love interest lose a fight.


Good and advanced directing!! Will probably keep reading


That all depends. I would say a story that has direction, meaning you know where the story is headed and you know what direction the characters are headed in. And I would say a story with a unique plot, especially if it isn’t one of those cookie cutter stories.

  • An interesting and different plot.
  • Likable main characters.
  • Cliffhangers
  • Good directing.
  • Diverse characters

When all characters are greatly written not just the MC.


An unpredictable storyline and characters that feel like real people.

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Advanced directing, a good pace and plots that keep you guessing - leading up to a backstory or big reveal I think is a good way to keep readers as you want to know what happens/ed :sweat_smile:

☆ Great (preferably original) plotline!!
(Most important one)
☆ Directing without too much mistakes.
(Second most important)
(No layering mistakes, not too much spot directing mistakes. I know the basics of directing but these mistakes annoy me personally a lot if it happens too often, I overlook it though if the plotline is really original and if overall directing is okay)
☆ It’s a huge bonus if there is advanced directing.
☆ Well written characters (all of them not just the MC and LI) → btw bonus for original names
☆ Diversity in characters (Annoying when they all look alike)
☆ I’m a sucker for cliffhangers! I love-hate them but it gives something to look extra forward to the next episode.
☆ Every episide not too long but also not too short to read.
☆ Major plottwists (that make sense though)
☆ Okay English language, a few mistakes are fine as long as it isn’t difficult to read


In the first chapter I’d like to see mainly the introduction of the story and the personality of the MC (who he or she really is.) And yes you can introduce the LI, but try to develop the interaction between MC and LI in more chapters than only one. Don’t let them already fall in love in chapter 1, but in chapter 10 or 15. :wink:
And if you have CC don’t use the whole first chapter for CC. And no CC for MC’s whole family (only for MC and LI). :wink:

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thank you, i totally agree.
especially when i have to customize the whole family and li’s family. i find it super annoying lol

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