What makes you immediately exit a story?

Would love to know your opinions! And which story was it?

There’s quite a lot of story I’ve came across that’s like this so I can’t really pinpoint a story. For me it’s an Author making an entrance in the first chapter or when the first chapter makes you costumize the MC and it’s whole family and friends and LI.


The stage directing. It’s easy to notice when the author just uses “screen left”, “back far right”, and “screen center”. Honestly, it makes the story boring and lazy.

Another major turn off is the unreasonable prices of gem options, I shouldn’t have to pay 30 gems to look presentable at my mom’s wedding :roll_eyes:


if the grammar is bad

if the writing is just boring and cliche (teen gets ready for school, goes downstairs to their business mother with a bob then goes to school where they get terrorised by a white 16 yo with blonde curls) uno what i mean? just like boring starting scenes

If they make me customise the whole family and li and friends at the start of the story, because i really don’t care what they look like.

the ever going list

Bad intros I like i love advanced directing stories so I hate it when there’s just basic things like screen left

When the plot is bad… I WANT A GOOD PLOT u can often tell when there isn’t a unique plot just by the intro.

Overly confident author
Too friendly author
Snobby mc
Mc like all other mcs
Mc who has it all
Mc who’s naive
MC that have rlly puffy lips Its been bugging me lately WHY DO THEY ALL HAVE PUFFY LIPS? Is it plastic surgery or something
The LI is rude or
When the LI and MC fall in love instantly

This list WILL be updated

I’m fussy


expensive gem choices :roll_eyes:


Chharacters that have a really ugly appearance and you cant customize them.

for example:
really big lips
really big eyes
weird faceshapes


I think you just see if an author is trying to be good or doesn’t give a damn. I’ll always try to write with my hurt, but my story I wrote in like 2017 is getting revamped bc as an example made the speech bubbles soooo big :smiling_face_with_tear:


Hey alenna,

I got a lot turn offs which make me exit a story:

  • The LI is mostly an over the top handsome mafia leader (with tattoos and scars), while in real life mafia leaders aren’t handsome at all. The most of them are in reality old ugly men;
  • The MC’s ex has cheated on MC and is jealous when she meets LI.;
  • There is a mean girl, that wants to make MC’s life a living hell, because the MC and the mean girl both want to be with the LI;
  • The MC and LI love each other instantly, without learning to know each other;
  • For the MC it’s always easy to get pregnant from LI (except if the MC is a guy of course, but mostly MC’s are female.) and the pregnancy doesn’t have complications.;
  • Those pregnancies are ‘unexpected’, mostly discovered when the LI runs away from MC, or is on a business trip or for an unknown reason away for a few months (or even years);
  • The mean girl needs to fake pregnancy to convince LI not to be with MC but with her (get a real life, sis. Faking pregnancy is so outdated. );
  • Parents die by cancer, a (car) accident or murder, or are alcoholics or drug addicts (really, let the parents live a happy life.) (sorry had to say this, but if there are no parents around, they always are dead because of those circumstances…);
  • MC is mostly innocent and ‘not as the other girls’;
  • LI is a handsome young bad boy who is still attending high school or college (and has tattoos while he is 16 or younger :roll_eyes: );
    For the rest:
  • Too many black screens (get me on my nerves…);
  • Authors character takes half of the time of the storyline (I get it… You may have your own character → I have that too… But not in every episode half of the story time.);
  • Too many LI’s → I prefer 1;
  • One whole episode for only CC;
  • Mean girls and creepy alley guys popping out of nowhere → little too cliche;
  • Bad grammar and spelling → I am not a native English speaker, but I check my spelling during coding;
  • Wrong layering → like people walking through each other or kissing the wrong way;
  • Toxic relationships, violence against the LGBTQ+ community and/or racism;
  • Entering and exiting left or right → go from spot to spot… It’s irritating and weird if you see in a story a kid entering and exiting, while they grow if they leave or shrink into the spot;
  • Props who didn’t got removed after the scene and will be shown during the rest of the story (it will not let me leave the story, but is irritating…).

I am a picky reader and as an author I’d love to think about the readers, too. I know directing isn’t easy, but @chanti.episode said it right you just can see (easily) if an author is trying to be a good writer or doesn’t give a damn.

Love A-W


Oh those gem choices → I hate them. I stopped reading featured stories, because of those gem choices. Always had 15 gems left when the choices were 16 gems or higher. :clown_face: :laughing: :laughing:


I have many reasons why I exit stories but I usually like to give them a chance, but there was this one time where literally the first 3 chapters which was all they had, were only customizing the characters, I’m sorry what? 3 chapters to customize 3 characters? :weary:


unnecessary gem choices.

I remembered reading a story once. The Mc and her friends were going to some party and all the Mc’s friends had something nice on and the choices went like this

Wear a nice long beautiful dress to be the center of attention and ride a nice fancy car and be early this choice was like 25 gems
Wear an old dress from your last prom and show up late with a rusty run-down car
I can’t tell you how fast I pressed the home button and swiped out of the app.
That was VERY frustrating to read and look at.




Lmao and they had the audacity to later ask (did you like my story) :joy: :weary:


Very poor grammar and text speech when people are talking. Usually, I can get past some grammar mistakes and such. But when it almost doesn’t make sense? I can’t. Also, with the text speech, I more mean the way it’s written, like: “Are u going to the party with him?”

Bothers me a lot. I’m sure there’s more, but that’s all I can think of right now. If it’s plot or character-wise, I tend to give it 3 chapters before I decide I don’t like it.


Here’s some things that will typically make me immediately exit a story:

. poor grammar, dialogue and lack of punctuation’s
. next to no music (reading a story in silence makes me feel awkward and it makes it hard for me to fully invest in a story)
. mafia stories (no)
. unnecessary and expensive gem choices (stop)
. overly annoying characters
. taboo romances and subjects (incest and other sh*t)
. poor spot directing
. episodes that are far too long

There’s probably other things that’ll make me stop, but these are the few that will make me stop.


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I actually love some really old stories that are way back published in 2015-2017. I’m kinda guilty that I do since I saw some people hating on those kinds of story and they’re the ones that are old and needs a revamp. But regardless of that you can definitely see if the author gives a damn or not. :laughing:

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If this isn’t every official episode story. :skull:


I was reading third story and it was alright until
The “nerdy girl” started to stutter on her words :skull: I was like I’m out :sob:


Random unexpected pregnancies make me quit reading! i literally hate them :sob::sob:

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