What makes you immediately exit a story?

FR like did we miss a few episodes?:sob:

no cc lol


For me it’s the Mafia stories, cliche bad boy, mean girl plots, TOOO MANY PAUSES, too many splashes, chapters that are tooo long, (a chapter of 7-8 minutes is nice),
Quick intros by author are okay by me bc I’ve included it too. And for CC, customising characters 1by1 is tiring smh. What I did was to use overlay menu so if someone doesn’t want to customise they can directly click on finish CC


Stories that are boring honestly. I don’t like mafia stories but sometimes I read them cuz I like seeing what cliches are used.

But if there’s a story and it’s just boring and slow paced and nothing happens in the first episode… I’m not gonna read it. And you can have good climactic slow paced stories. But yeah the only stories I’ve left/stopped reading were those that were just boring and absolutely nothing happens.

  1. Cliches

  2. When a writer tries to make a “from enemies to lovers” story and they have the li and mc fight for extremely stupid reasons (He got the last cupcake… I hate him SoO much, he spilled coffee on my favorite jacket, he deserves DeAtH, he called me a b*tch, I’ll never talk to him again)

  3. When the solution to the problem is way too obvious but the writers add stupid or overused excuses… (I can’t call the police… My PhOnE dIeD…)


  1. when the writer adds their story to the wrong genre… (if I tap on the thriller genre… that means that I want to read a thriller story… not a stupid romance…)

  2. When the mc suffers bc of their strictly religious parents (this is so overused that it ends up being annoying and kinda offensive)


No cc haha, When their is any gem choices, ugh I hate gem choices. There is too many transition fade to blacks and it takes forever, if the story is somewhat boring and just doesn’t have the thrill I’m looking for. And if the MC looses her memory and gets amnesia I will immediately click the door if this happens like what the heck!


Oh, boy…

Stories where the author makes an appearance or the characters speaks to the author or vice versa
I know it’s scary to create your own story, but you should emphasize the plot and its characters. Not on yourself. Does movies or books have the author or director make an appearance? No.
So, please, skip it.

Stories where you are the new leader of a gang because you’re the unknown heiress or what not (and you’re like 17…?)
I can’t stress enough my utter hate for Mafia/gang stories. Don’t glamorize people that kill and torture just because they can. And please, why would a 17-year old that most of the time have no experience leading anyone, lead a gang? It’s not even logical.

Stories where the LI is a tattooed, ruthless, HOT gang leader/alpha leader
Please, just no. No, you will not change him/her. Gang leaders aren’t nice, they’re not puppy eyes in disguise. They are the leaders for a reason, they choose to become what they are. Give me them sweet boys that care and don’t do shady things behind my back.

Stories where love at sight exists
I love slow burn, that’s a fact. What I don’t like is Kindergarden romances where they have a look at each other and think “Oh, he’s cute, let’s become girlfirend-boyfriend!” There’s sexual attraction at sight, not love. You don’t know each other, for all you know he/she could be a serial killer and you have no idea.

Unexpected pregnancy
I was over the - "Pregnant by the mafia boss that’s also an alien that happens to be my brother’s best friend that’s an superstar at the side. " - the moment it started. I can’t help but feel that unexpected pregnancies are cheap plot devices when stories don’t know when to end.

When the author wants you to customize the MC, the LI, his aunt and his mother…
It’s just tiring and annoying.

Having only CC for the entire first episode

Toxic relationships
Just no. Don’t give the younger readers an effed up view on how a relationship should be.

Bad grammar, slang and bad directing
It’s of course okay to miss something, but not all the time. And please, don’t use slang, it’s gives off a very bad vibe.

Wrong layering
I can’t stand it :joy:

Wrong scale on characters and bad spotting
I have no words for it.

More than 2 LI
I get that love triangles is popular, and it can be nice sometimes. But having more than 2 LI is just over the top ridiculous.

Slow transitions
I started to read a story where the transitions were 10+ seconds long. I wanted to die. Safe to say that I dropped it right away.

I’m a picky reader :sweat_smile::joy: But I’ve been on the app since 2014, so I’ve read MANY stories. I think it’s okay to be picky now.


Any mention of the word mafia.
Older guys and younger women.
Any LI who’s rude to the teacher or smokes.
Stereotypical mean blonde who hates you for no apparent reason.
When the “LI” suddenly grabs you and holds you close, that’s not sexy, that not using consent.
“This is your LI make him HOT.”
Someone attempting that character in lying position in front of other character to make it look like they’re carrying them. Sorry, it doesn’t work and looks stupid


1: the amount of excessive gem choices there are. like they aren’t really necessary.
2. when you have to choose how your storyline will end up and if you want it to end up one way you gotta pay gems for that certain choice dialogue etc. and then the free option gets you nowhere you intended to be at the end
3. as much as i love reading art scenes, i hate that in some stories i have to pay to read them (i understand that it benefits the author) but i just feel like im getting ripped off on a story you know?
4. cringey dialogue like most of the stories i have read have mcs that are like teenagers/young adults and the way they speak with childish words is kinda cringe.


I love thriller/horror stori3s and I can definitely relate to number 1. I want a thriller story that doesn’t involve romance in the plot just like the story “Hello?” but it seems like some authors can’t make a thriller/horror story without adding romance to the plot lol


I have a fairly lengthy list in general, but most of the things on it have already been mentioned. However, lately, when I’ve had some time and tried to read a bit on episode, I’ve ended up quitting I’d say at least 6 stories so far for the same things…

LONG INTROS!!! - I don’t mean playing with the title, or showing the cover etc. Though that plays a part in this. I mean the 20 second pause on different warning splashes, even ones that aren’t necessary. Now, to clarify… I don’t mind a long intro on episode one. That makes sense, it’s laying the foundation for the story. Warning us what the story contains, showing off the art on the cover, maybe doing a little intro scenelet that has character animations to introduce the story… but please, for the love of sanity, DON’T ADD IT ALL TO EVERY EPISODE!!! It’s just a drag. I want to get to the story, if I’ve read your first episode, I already saw those warning splashes. I don’t need to see them on every subsequent chapter for 5-10 seconds each. If you want to keep them, then make it quicker. 2-3 max, is more than enough, and if you keep it that length, its not much of an issue. But as we are unable to tap through splashes with a pre set timer, its like sitting watching paint dry.
Same with the character animation/animated intro. Whilst its nice the first time, it isn’t needed on subsequent episodes. Nor the cover art pause. If you want to jazz things up now and again, pop these bits into an intro every 5-10 episodes. But don’t keep us from the story for so long.

CC templates for 3+ characters right before the story even begins - I don’t know these characters yet. I could make one look like a shy timid girl and have her be a wild party girl. Make one love interest hot, and the other a little plainer, then find that one an instant turn off in episode 1. If it isn’t a YOU story, give an option to customise later, or now, so those of us wanting to read, can do so.

Agonisingly slow transitions!!! - This is a big one for me. I never used to notice it, but now, I can’t bear them. Anything up to 2 seconds is fine, but when you have fade in/out for like 5 seconds etc, it’s so hard to stick it out. Especially when they are used both in and out of a scene at this length. I just give up. It makes the story feel disconnected as there’s such a long gap between scenes.

Large/tiny speechbubbles - Self explanatory with the tiny ones. You need a magnifying glass to read them. Large ones come across shouty. I keep mine to the standard 100% unless the screen is cramped with characters, to which i reduce the size temporarily.

Drastic height differences - Before anyone says “But there are people with those height differences in real life!”… I know. But on episode, it isn’t possible to convey such height differences without making them have a head the size of a pea, because it isnt a height only scale. Whenever you enlarge or shrink a character, their whole body changes with it. So you have a giant male character with a hand bigger than the tiny woman’s head. Its unrealistic, and frankly difficult to watch. This is mostly a Mafia themed thing, so thankfully, not really something I come across, but there was another story a short while ago where I saw it and ditched it instantly. It’s overused, awkward to stick out, and frankly such height differences are often more of an exception not the norm.


Yep, I can relate, I don’t like romance, but most horror/thriller authors adds it just to have views… Episode readers are 90% suckers for romance…

“This is your aunty’s, cousin, neighbours, best friend, make sure you customise them all the same”

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I know right almost every Charecter has puffy lips these days!!! What has happened :exploding_head: :sob: :exploding_head:

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Customization that I can’t just skip. I don’t even like customizing one character, so when I have to manually name five of them and “be sure to click on every feature or the story will glitch” (when it’s entirely possible to code customization-based branching that won’t glitch if someone decides not to complete the most tedious part of the story), I just give up. That said, one or two characters where I can just skip all that and hit “done” is no big deal. I might even sit through more, if I know the author makes quality work, either because I’m familiar with their stories or because someone I trust recommended it.

Love interests that treat the main character like garbage. I don’t mind enemies-to-lovers, but there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed, and that trope tends to work best if the “enemies” stage is more along the lines of rivals with a begrudging mutual respect. See, there’s a difference between a love interest and MC not getting along at first vs the love interest constantly putting the main character down, hitting them, or violating their boundaries.

Characters with zero agency. This is your main character. They do nothing other than be pursued by three sexy strangers with extremely unappealing personalities. The main character doesn’t have a personality of their own though, they have three generic character traits in a trench coat but everyone wants them anyway because uh… plot convenience. This protagonist wants nothing and fears nothing (except, perhaps, for fearing their own love interest. See item two on this list.) It’s supposed to be an action story. It’s fifty episodes long, and the protagonist never does anything other than react.

Stories that are primarily romance, but placed in a different genre. Now I’ll accept it if it’s romance in the LGBTQ+ section, as long as it’s genuine representation, since that’s what most people in that genre are looking for. I’m also fine with a story with love interests and romantic subplots in non-romance genres, as long as the other genre fits it better. What I’m talking about is when the whole central conflict is around the main character’s love life, but the author puts it in the adventure section or something.

40+ episode long stories. There’s not necessarily anything wrong with them, to be honest. I’m just lazy, so I won’t start a story that’s already that long. If you can write a story that long and keep it interesting and original throughout, all the more power to you and I hope I catch it early, while it’s still short enough for my attention span. I know I could be missing out, so I’ll emphasize that this is just me.


:face_holding_back_tears: here are some huge turn-offs for me when it comes to episode stories

ridiculously prized gem choices (why?)

i mean, i don’t have to say anything. we’ve all been there.
at this point, i think we all know the classic “build-up-to-gem-choice” recipe:

show some super cool dresses or clothing sets we all know you want, then proceed to have an inner dialogue with yourself that looks pretty much like this: “i could impress li’s name with this awesome dress! i should totally put it on!”

like seriously? kudos to everyone who don’t include gem choices in their stories. (of course, i’m not talking about support the author choices with this. those i don’t mind.)

mafia stories (please stop immediately)

i don’t think i have to include anything for this for anyone to understand. :blob_turtle:

these sentences / actions… (who thought of this?)

“this is your love interest. so make him look HOT!!!” (no)

accidentally spills coffee on love interest (stop overusing it pls)

those are the main ones i can think of. there are probably some details too, but if i see any of these, i’m immediately out.


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