What makes you lose interest after the first episode?

So i’m a really picky reader you can say lmao, i may even exit the episode only 5 minutes in.
So i really wanna know what makes you guys lose interest immediately after reading the first episode!


First errors. I’m sorry but I won’t read a story where are already errors in the first episode I’ll just exit the story :woman_shrugging: if there are small ones I’ll probably continue
Ik some authors are just starting out but please take your time to practise coding, learn how to do what etc.


Ooh i agree, i really don’t know how to explain it and i don’t want to be rude at the same time, but when the author is VISIBLY trying to be funny using slangs or exaggerating the character’s reaction, i hope y’all understand what i mean hehe.


Ik tbh I used to laugh at those ones until I learned it’s not funny at all -_-
Literally I just roll my eyes :roll_eyes:


I’m not that picky but I’ll probably stop reading for a bit if the customization is too confusing. Too many grammatical errors will also probably lose my interest for good.


And when you have to customaise every single character :woman_facepalming:
I usually don’t customize characters cuz I like to see how the author sees them


when there is a lot of grammatical errors & the plot isn’t going anywhere


I CAN’T STRESS THIS ENOUGH, as an upcoming author i would like the readers to match my point of view of the characters. Especially if there are art scenes.


Grammar and spelling errors. I don’t mean to be rude but I guess I have super sensitive eyes or something because I just can’t read stories with grammar and spelling mistakes :weary:


I get headaches from every wrong spelled word :woozy_face:


I’d say =

  • Big Spelling/Grammar Errors
  • Directing/Animation Mistakes
  • Nothing interesting happening
  • Stories that have an LI that looks strange (in my opinion) and that has no CC available to change it (Idk why, I just can’t relate to the characters if I can’t stand how they look) (I’m alright if there’s just 1 or 2 features I don’t especially like but if its more than that then I may stop reading)
  • Long intros & outros that takes a few minutes to tap though, I mean seriously! I’m not interested in meeting characters before the chapter and I’m not interested in the author showing up trying to crack jokes or something similar (especially when there was a cliff hanger in the last chapter and I want to know what happened/happens)

I’ll leave the first chapter if:

  • Over-the-top author intros.
  • Poor directing.
  • Poor grammar.
  • CC popping up for almost every character I meet.
  • When plot isn’t gripping or it doesn’t make sense.
  • There’s wayyy too many gems choices.
  • All of the characters look the same/similar, like all females having the same lips etc.
  • It’s too cliché and you can predict everything.
  • The author is super rude to readers in the intro/outro.
  • There’s very little effort put into the story, such as the same default background characters for multiple scenes, Episode-only backgrounds etc.
  • There’s too much s*x going on I will leave, because I feel it really takes away from the plot if all that’s happening is railing.
  • A toxic love interest or two.
  • The story is in Classic.
  • Mafia.

If the first episode is just a long chain of mostly irrelevant dialogue I’ll leave. I want to know what the story is going to be about without being introduced to the MC’s dad’s best friend. Also if lip colors don’t match skin tone. I hate that.

  • First of all, dialogue that’s completely flat and unrealistic. I once read this story where the entire first scene was just the MC and the mean girl yelling insults and swear words at each other. It was forced, robotic, and way too over-the-top.

  • Too much sexual innuendo. This is a personal opinion, but it’s something that I do not like and will make me exit a story almost immediately.

  • Not being able to connect or care about the main characters.

  • Having the author pop up on a black screen just to say that it’s their first story and to apologize for any mistakes.

  • Terrible directing.

  • Nothing interesting enough happens to keep me reading.


If the storyline is almost the same as other stories :woman_facepalming:

  • If the author is apologizing for possible mistakes and promises that the next episodes will get better.
  • If the author and characters are communicating with each other.
  • If there are about 5 characters to customize before proceeding to the story,
  • Poor grammar, syntax and spelling.
  • If there are outfit choices from time to time.
  • A character with no personality.

Eh, I have such a long list of things, I don’t mind some of them sometimes if they work/make sense but:

  • Long CC

  • Apologies for short first chapter & quirky author

  • Cliches (like really really obnoxious cliches) and misrepresentations of people

  • INK humor (using the weird looking stares at the end of every quirky thing someone says)

  • Gem choices (support the author and boost point choices are fine)

  • Bad grammar

  • “Not like other girls” MC (I guess this could fall under stereotypes, but it’s also in stories that aren’t quite as stereotypical)

  • Descriptions (like the “he was tall, brooding, easily one of the most handsomest…” Short ones are fine but some of them :eyes:)

  • Classic

  • Little to no plot or drama happening.


The main reasons why I stop reading a story are:
Or the story is clearly too much of a cliche with nothing original and predictable dialogues
Or there are no relevant choices and the plot itself is not that interesting.
That’s just my personal experience tho. :fairy:t2:


Tbh If I feel like my free pass (first episode) was wasted. Like if first episode is just like random screen with character coming and then narrator is like “He is Jake, he’s your hot brother who you will fall in love in and we’ll act like it’s normal”. Basically like that introducing characters. It’s a big nono from me.


I will stop reading the story, if:

  • The first episode is only a CC (very annoying);

  • Most of the story exists of black screens with a few words (black screens are a no go area for me…);

  • Layer mistakes or poor directing (I am not the best at directing either, but before I publish I double check my directing);

  • The authors character taken all or half of the time of the story in every episode (I have my character also in my story, but she isn’t there in every episode);

  • Cliche story lines/plots or predictable story lines/plots :point_right: when a mean girl arrives I am already out of the story :raised_hands: (No mean girls for me…);

  • The story supports violence, racism against culture or religion or if the story supports discrimination against the LGBTQ+ sector ;

  • Gem Choices (I am not a gem choices fanatic :point_right: I’d will only support an author, if I love the story… I don’t have many gems left so… I don’t wanna spent 15 gems for a dress… Sorry… :clown_face:);

  • Spelling or grammar mistakes in every episode (I am not a native English speaker/author, but I do my best to write a story with less spelling or grammar mistakes.);

  • Mafia stories with an overly handsome mafia leader being the LI (mafia leaders in real life aren’t s*xy and handsome!!! :clown_face:);

  • If the story includes cheating/abusive exes who are trying to create drama into LI and MC’s relationship (gets a little predictable and cliche :woman_facepalming:);

  • If the story is all about LI saving the MC in an alley from a creep (the creep which is always an ugly male).

What I would like to see:
When does a mean guy arrive??? Or a sweet ex with no feelings of harming MC or LI??? A creepy female who is harassing the MC M/F???