What makes you really angry?

  • I’m not religious or anything but I do get annoyed when I see women who wear the hijab loosely meaning wear sexy or tight fitted clothing with so much make up, go clubbing, drink alcohol, grind up on guys etc. while wearing the hijab. It’s disgusting and you’re being a hypocrite if you do that. Also, f**k anyone that defends this kind of behaviour!
  • Parents letting children watch porn on their laptop/TV/tablet. FBI open up!
  • When relatives (close and distant) start lecturing me about my appearance or how I live my life
  • Idiots that can’t take no for an answer
  • Women (or parents) pushing motherhood onto me. Bruhhh, I ain’t no baby-making machine!
  • The topic marriage. No one should be forced to get married! Get your nose out of my personal life, stupid!
  • Ableists
  • The conflation of political statuses with mental illness or disability e.g. feminism=autism according to some stupid people
  • Glorification of eating disorders

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