What makes you roll your eyes every time you hear it?



“People have it so much worse than you do! there’s nothing to be sad/worried about!”


“How can there be white people in Africa?”

“You’re pretty for a (insert any race here) girl/boy!”


Omfg yh that bothers me so much. Or:

“you’re not gay, you’re just going through a phase” WTFFFF


“Australians ride kangaroos to school”

:woman_facepalming: No! We don’t. We ride the emus to school…


When you’re going through something and someone’s like, “Everything happens for a reason!!!”
Yeah, maybe, but that doesn’t take away the fact that shit’s rough right now lmao

“You should stop drinking coffee. It stains your teeth!!” :triumph::triumph::triumph:


My friend told me that once and i got so mad. SO ANNOYING AND UNTRUE


Can i have an emu


You don’t look Latina you’re so light-skinned/dark-skinned!
And what exactly is a Latina supposed to look like?With so many Latin countries across the globe, it’s impossible for us to all look the same.


Emus??? I thought y’all rode koalas??? :thinking:


Exactly!! Like they think my love for @kerubiel is a phase??? GAY ISNT A PHASEEEE


I hate it when people say that tbh. When people say things like that it makes my mood worse than it already is lmao

SDOKOKVKDO my mom gets at me for drinking 2-3 cups of milk tea a day and literally says the same thing, LIKE MY TEETH R PERFECTLY FINE WORRY ABOUT YOURS PLS


Lol. They sleep too often


Aw you love birds
Lmao well when someone says that i usually say, “then that case you being straight is a phase” and that triggers them


Now that’s just ignorant wth




Plus the many ethnicities INSIDE our countries


Same. I get they’re trying to console and offer solace, but it doesn’t help. Or maybe I’m just being an a-hole, who knows :woman_shrugging:

UGGGGH it’s my dentist who mainly scolds me about staining!!! Legit every time I go in. Then she goes on and tells me I should brush my teeth after each cup? I think two times a day is plenty, thank you, and my teeth look beautiful lmao


Yeah well being ‘pretty’ has almost nothing to do with whether or not I have a boyfriend! :rage:


Also “Your SO White”
Oh yes thank you for pointing that out CAPTAIN OBVIOUS!!


Ikr?? Like look at my skin, obviously I’m white


Just like, yes thank you for pointing that out not like I have ever you know, seen myself in a mirror, or just looked down at my arms!