What makes you roll your eyes every time you hear it?



every woman is different and every woman deserves respect. they might stay single forever, or get married and have six kids. they might enjoy a lot of sex, or none at all. either way, they make their own choices.

anyone who doesn’t agree with that only calls themselves a feminist and they ARE NOT.

true feminists want to empower women and get equality, in ALL aspects-- legally, socially, emotionally, etc.


Yesss :heart_eyes:


Noooo!! I hate that!!!

I love my band merch but I actually love the bands I wear :persevere:


I second that!!

Closely followed by Dumb :blush:


Right. I agree! :blush:


OMGH! I super don’t like when people call emos and scenes and gothic things satanic, like really? You never heard of a Christian or Muslim goth before? lol


When I say I’m from Brazil and then people are like “really?? Yo no hablo español muy bien pero-“ I SPEAK PORTUGUESE NOT SPANISH Y’ALL


Haha lol yeah , we had a kid in our school who was from Brazil and everyone tried speaking In Spanish to him but me (cos i couldnt be borethered to ) . So when i said “Hi how are you?” By accident, he replied with "I’m fine thanks, but errr do you know why everyone is speaking in Spanish? I thought this was an English school " .
My reaction: …
Err yeah , I guess some people are really eager in learning Spanish :sweat_smile:.




Lol , nice too know that people have the same experiences :joy:


And also, looking back at the hates on men expecting woman to do certain things , I have the perfect answer :

If a man tells you should know how to clean a house , simply reply with :

And you should know how to build the house that I SHOULD KNOW HOW TO CLEAN !!!


Ahahah. That happens all the time!
I’m from Portugal , but people always guess wrong because I don’t fit the stereotype!


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