What makes you roll your eyes every time you hear it?



I second that!!

Closely followed by Dumb :blush:


Right. I agree! :blush:


OMGH! I super don’t like when people call emos and scenes and gothic things satanic, like really? You never heard of a Christian or Muslim goth before? lol


When I say I’m from Brazil and then people are like “really?? Yo no hablo español muy bien pero-“ I SPEAK PORTUGUESE NOT SPANISH Y’ALL


Haha lol yeah , we had a kid in our school who was from Brazil and everyone tried speaking In Spanish to him but me (cos i couldnt be borethered to ) . So when i said “Hi how are you?” By accident, he replied with "I’m fine thanks, but errr do you know why everyone is speaking in Spanish? I thought this was an English school " .
My reaction: …
Err yeah , I guess some people are really eager in learning Spanish :sweat_smile:.




Lol , nice too know that people have the same experiences :joy:


And also, looking back at the hates on men expecting woman to do certain things , I have the perfect answer :

If a man tells you should know how to clean a house , simply reply with :

And you should know how to build the house that I SHOULD KNOW HOW TO CLEAN !!!


Ahahah. That happens all the time!
I’m from Portugal , but people always guess wrong because I don’t fit the stereotype!


So many likes. Damn.


You’re so right about this, ugh, I remember when I was going on a walk, and a lady, out of nowhere just grabbed my wrist and said, “wow, you’re so skinny, what do you put in your body?”
To answer your question lady:
I put food in my body ^^

Also, I’m tall, too, though I feel lucky to not have gotten many people talk about it (I mean, some did, but I just ignore them and walk off…:sweat_smile:)


I have a big booty. Now I love what my mumma gave me, but seriously… . … . . . . . …
the only thing people talk about whether i’m out on the street, when i was at highschool, or even random people in my university course is that I have “A reALLY nIce ArSE” allllllrrriiiigihtyyyyyy thanksssssssssssssssss

When I lost some weight, the first thing people said was “yeah you’re like really fit now but your ass has gotten smaller which kinda sucks”

Fuck off thanks bye my ass is not my only ASSet
why is the validity of my looks based on the sack of fat I sit on ???


People who just comment like that annoy me like YEAH I DIDN’T ASK BUT WHATEVER BRO

Dude, mostly my grandma comments on my body. like one day she’s like,“Oh dear did you lose weight? why are you thin??” And the other day she’s like, “You’re a little overweight now!” oof

and whenever I go to her house and she asks if I’m hungry and I say no, she proceeds to make food anyway LMAO and I can’t say no again or she’ll get upset so I eat

Bro babushkas are the best but oof THEY MAKE SO MUCH FOOD and they just comment a lot on our bodies


honestly, I don’t even know

People are just weird LMAO they like any part of the body when it’s just… a part of the body …


Ohh I forgot to add one:

When people call me by my middle name (insert dramatic eye roll here).

There’s another girl at school, who has the same name as me, so this guy started calling me by my middle to avoid confusion. At the start I told him not to cause I didn’t want my middle name to be overused, but then I just gave up and let him call me that anyway. And I got used to it. But now… EveRy SiNgLe person is calling me by my middle name. And honestly I don’t like it, so I tell them that, but still they do it anyway :angry:


Oooh that’s sorta like me. Back in kindergarten there was an ad circling around that had a really catchy jingle: Amber has the answer. And for years that jingle would follow me. If a teacher asked a question to the whole class for example, people would look at me and start singing Amber has the answer. It was such a popular ad that even after my 13 years of schooling, and long after the ad had stopped airing, people were still saying it. I could never get them to stop.


Omg wow… I kind of remember that ad though. Well not really, but I do remember that the Amber has the answer part was really catchy XD


I ended up getting it on my year 12 jacket. LOL! After 13 years, I just finally came to accept it


:joy: :joy: :joy:


What is extremely annoying to me:
When you’re shy and rarely say anything, but then say something (or just defend your opinion), others say that you think you’re better than everyone else.