What makes you roll your eyes every time you hear it?




I don’t want this thread to die


Mines say that too lol.


About not having to be depressed because yOU’rE yOUnG?


dude yesss, I’m sick of these feminazis that want to run the way we all act


"Wanna come up to my room? " <— in general just getting flirted with.

The wise, wise, words of an asexual. Lol


Here’s one I used to get all the time.
I’m having a nice conversation with someone, (usually an adult sadly. You would think they no better.) and they seem to like me. Then the dreaded question comes up.
“So where do you go to school?”
“I’m homeschooled.”
“Oh. Oh! You’re homeschooled.” Smile becomes forced.
“Yeah, I get all my curriculum and stuff from a private school.”
“So, like, it must be hard not having any opportunity to socialize.”
Am I not talking to you right now?

I’ll admit to having asked someone if she were in some horrible accident in which she was dragged by a car. XD


…I knew where Latvia is. :smirk:

I got a pair a few months ago because they were the best boots at the store, and I needed something. Later I found out they are associated with punk rockers and skinheads. So I thought for a moment, decided there was no way I looked like a skinhead, and kept on wearing them. XD




XD yeah, A lot people do know . I was just exaggerating a load but it seems like it compared to all the people who I have to explain where the heck is Latvia :sweat_smile: