What makes you SCARED in a story?


The scariest story I’ve ever read was Shroud. Although I wasnt scared too much. It was ok.
Any stories spooked you out? Or plan on creating one? Or love to read some? If so what makes you scared? xoxo


Yeah Shroud was definitely something… It was so spooky I honestly didn’t get everything but tue writing and directing was amazing anyway :slight_smile:


Mental Surprises well the limelight version freaked me out. Some of the jump scares got me good


This one story has clowns…
I’m scared of the in RL so imagine how I felt seeing that on my tablet lol…


Hmm… To be honest I don’t get scared of episode stories YET! But it’d add to the effect if the music was quiet for a while then suddenly got SUPER loud during the scary scene. I’d also freak if I saw really freaky backgrounds. I think I just don’t really get scared because I know it’s fake. But if an author took time to look up a true creepy story and based theirs on it… yep I’d be freaked.


Hm, I can’t remember reading a story that really scared me, so I don’t think they are very common on episode, which is sad, because I think they would be interesting and suspenseful reads.

There are a lot of cool suggestions on this thread about horror stories that they’ve read, and I’ll be sure to check some of them out!

As for the actual topic of this thread, I think the key to making a scary story, is music and overlays and backgrounds. These overlays and backgrounds should give the illusion that these creepy monsters (this is just an example :joy:) are really in the game.


Cliffhangers scare me because it makes you sit in suspense


I have quiete a few cliffhangers in more story and even that makes me scared haha but yeah it lures you in and it makes you want to keep reading till the end



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