What makes you want to CONTINUE reading a story?

My thoughts:

  • When I find the subject interesting and somewhat recognizes it from my own life
  • When the MC gets kidnapped
  • When the bad guy is a psycho (so not the annoying bad boy we keep discussing about)
  • When the MC does not have an annoying/spoiled attitude and acts like an adult
  • When there appears a ghost (even when it’s a comic story and they’re doing a parody)
  • When there is a mystery going on and I don’t have any clue about the answer
  • When the best friend is nice too
  • When the language is very well-written!
  • When it’s in a different country and they speak their own language sometimes
  • When the MC speaks up for herself when it’s necessary
  • Great Cliff Hangers
  • Unique stories with original story lines
  • Interesting Characters
  • Humor elements always catch my attention (Even if it isn’t a comedy story, just a few jokes here and there ya know?)
  • Stories that grab my attention straight away as soon as I start reading
  • When the story itself is actually good.
  • When it moves along at a suitable pace, meaning there are minimum pointless dialogues.
  • Characters with personality.
  • Where each character has a personality. Not only the plot but each character is important.

  • When they keep it interesting. The mood of the story can be made lighter by a few jokes here and there.

  • When everything is not just happening too fast, ya know? I have read a lot stories where, by the fifth episode, MC is already in love with the love interest which is absurd tbh.

  • When it’s not senseless. In the first 3 episodes, authors should reveal a good sense of what to expect from the story. Like they should reveal the conflict of the story.

  • When, even if the story’s cliche, the author has done their best to maintain even a little uniqueness.

  • When there are choices and when they matter in the slightest, I would read the story.


Characters, first and foremost! When I fall in love with the characters, it makes me want to revisit the story time and time again.

And mystery. If it’s an exciting plot or there are unanswered questions waiting to be unraveled that I am actually invested in, it keeps me on the edge of my seat.