What names would you associate with a cliche, blonde with blue eyes, princess antagonist?


In one of my stories, the MC is an older queen fighting to keep her birthright, being the ruler of her kingdom from a younger, princess trying to take her crown.

I’m sick of only seeing stories about youthful, gorgeous high schoolers. I want to see those royalty stories from the queen’s POV. So, what would you name the cliche, mean girl, princess?

The name needs to flow with the title-- i.e., Princess Anna. Princess Belle. Princess Aurora. Disney gets it. XD


Hm…maybe something like Victoria or Penelope or Vivienne?


Princess Victoria… I like it, but it’s a bit long.

Princess Penelope… she sounds too mild-mannered and nice for the character I’m envisioning, haha!

Princess Vivienne… Not quite the sound I’m hoping for, little long.

Nice ideas though! Thank you! :slight_smile:


Marie, Catherine, Mary, Isabella, Joanna…
Your story sounds very interesting, by the way.


Probably Regina, Amber, Clarissa…


ooh, amber… princess amber the b!tch… yes i like that! maybe i’ll find something better, but that sounds pretty good!


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Princess Nia, Princess Aroha, Princess Talia, Princess Delani, Princess Danika, Princess Zeta, Princess Daria


Victoria, Ashley


Princess Natalia


Princess Lilliana? I’ve used that name in a few stories :blush:


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